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Jul 28

Questions Asked of Psychic Medium Pam Jenkins

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Well, it’s been while since we last blogged.  Lots has of things have been happening and many are searching for answers.  In this entry I’ve decided to answer a few questions that seem to be of interest to a number of people.  I want to preface this with saying these answers are based on what I’ve been shown, what I’ve been told, and my feelings that are combined with those things.  In no way do I ever want anyone to feel that I think I have all the answers.  It is my humble opinion that not one of us has all the answers.  Each of us is shown a piece of the puzzle, and that piece is taken into what our experiences are.  I read a book once that talked about when we are young our truth is like a seed that has been planted, and not yet sprouted, as we grow physically, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually that truth grows and expands much like a flower.  That flower cannot reach the peak of it’s bloom until we have left this earth and then have the total picture.  So as much as I share here in the answers to these questions that have been posed to me, please understand, I want you to take what resonates with you, and just throw the rest back.  When a truth vibrates with you and then you understand it to be your truth, then you know it.  When it doesn’t, then it is not your truth.  So these answers are my truth as I know it.

The first question that has been asked, and I have had this come up many times in many readings, Do our pets go to heaven?  Our pets are living breathing beings, they have souls, just as we do. When they die here on earth, they too, go into the heavenly realm.  They interact with us in heaven, and they try to bring messages through for us that they have left behind, as much as any human does.  They know we mourn their loss, and know that we grieve.  They don’t speak when giving messages anymore than they speak human language here, but they bring through their personalities, they show things they have done here. Also there are psychics who specialize in animal communication, but they also come through to psychics and psychic mediums who do not specialize in it.  We have come to realize that our domesticated animals get the same illnesses that humans do.  They get cancer, heart disease, arthritis, leukemia, glaucoma, cataracts, and the like.  And these are just a few of the things that our animals can get.  They get these diseases much in the same ways that we do.  Any being that can suffer can also feel joy.  I’ve been shown any number of times an animal coming through for someone who is missing their companion.  No matter what the pet is, if you have loved it and cared for it, you will be able to be reunited in heaven, just as you can be with the humans family and friends that have gone there before you.  So if you have a reading and the psychic is bringing through one of your pets, listen and see if that loving personality isn’t coming through to show you, yes, animals go to heaven, too.

     And now to the question of, Do people who commit suicide go to heaven?  There here we embark on a controversial subject. It has been taught that when people commit suicide they have sinned against God, and therefore will go straight to hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  This is in complete contrast to what I’ve seen and been shown through the years in doing psychic medium readings for people who are survivors of suicide.  I’ve been shown repeatedly that they have two very specific “jobs” they do once they transition and get acclimated to the spirit realm.  When someone commits suicide they break a contract in life, but they haven’t made it so they are going to a place of forever damnation.  First they are greeted by what I will call the “welcoming committee”.  This doesn’t mean they have a big arrival party, because as you can imagine if someone has committed suicide they are in a great deal of pain to begin with, they are already in a very dark place.  It take a bit of time to adjust, if you will.  Upon arrival rest is given. Once that rest period is over they walk through a life review of sorts, looking at what caused the pain to be so severe that they just didn’t see any other way out.  And being at a different level of view, let’s call it a 360 degree view versus 180, they can see all around it, they can now see there were other choices that could have been made to make what was being experienced a much different outcome.

     After this review, there are two primary jobs that they prepare for.  Each of these two jobs is experienced by people that commit suicide.  There is the job of being part of the welcoming team, or transition team for people that commit suicide.  In other words, just like they were greeted when they first arrived, they become greeters of others that have done the same thing, taking their own life, or are in some way responsible for their own death.  The job, which is somewhat more difficult, is to act as spirit guides for people that are contemplating suicide.  Sometimes these guides are able to get through to someone who is considering suicide, and of course, other times they are not.  The times they are not able to get through to try and talk the person out of it is because the person is in such pain and anguish that they cannot hear, or feel the guide that is trying to get through.  When people commit suicide they have often been battling with depression.  Depression is a very dark hole that is real to the person experiencing it, and it’s very difficult to hear people that are alive and speaking to them, let alone being able to tune in and hear a spirit guide trying to stop them.  But there are times when the spirit guide is so strong they are successful, and that is sometimes accomplished by working with someone else that is involved in the person’s life and can be guided to help them.  So, I will end this answer with saying, please understand that while they are not condemned to damnation, there is special work for them to do before they choose whether or not to incarnate on earth again to work through whatever broken contract they left unfinished.

     The next question I have been asked to address is, Do children grow up in heaven when they have passed as either a baby or a small child?  I can’t say that I have a conclusive answer on this, but what when a child or baby comes to comfort that parent, they will show themselves so that the parent will recognize them, but at the same time it’s a matter of the age of the soul, not the age of the child when they passed.  So they are able to bring things through for the person when have a psychic medium reading that will let the grieving parent know that they are okay, and that they came here for a specific purpose and that they accomplished that purpose in the short time that they lived.  While that doesn’t take away the pain of the loss, it certainly can and does help heal some of it.  And again, know that you will again get to be with that soul, with that child, and you will see and know them.  It’s a knowing on a soul level.  A reference that I have been given to use to put it in terms that we can understand, would be to watch the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.  Of course, there is the Hollywood aspect in the movie, but I’ve been told that this is a depiction that can help us understand how we will recognize those souls when we reach the spirit realm.
     So,  Do they miss us as much as we miss them?  Missing would be considered a negative emotion, and there are no negative emotions in the heavenly spirit realm.  The missing is on our part from the loss of that loved one that we so enjoyed their company, their time with us.  We miss being able to hear their voice, see their face, smell their scent.  There is no pain there, and missing is a sort of pain.  Our loved ones do try to comfort us by letting us know that they are still around.  If there has been a break in the relationship, or if some wrong has not been corrected or apologized in life, I have had a spirit come through to try to apologize or ask forgiveness for their part in it.  When forgiveness is given it heals not only them, but the person here.  That’s not always something that the person here is ready to do, and it’s in the timing of the person here, because the soul in spirit is usually ready to apologize.  They can see things from a perspective that they were unable to embrace while they were here on earth.   While they may not deserve forgiveness, that forgiveness gives the person here peace and solace, and helps to heal so that the cycle does not continue.

  And people want to know, When we communicate with our loved ones in spirit, are we keeping them from something?  We know things in linear time here on earth, and there is no such thing as linear time in the spirit realm.  Things are instantaneous and constant in the spirit realm.  In a moment they can be with us, and a moment later doing whatever work they need to do there in that realm.  Much like we have a life here, there is life there.  It’s just not bogged down with the need for finances and other such trivial stuff.  It’s truly about growth there, and it’s solely about the soul, pun intended.  There’s no way we can keep a soul from doing what they are needing to do. So worry not about your communication keeping them from being where they need to be, or doing what they need to do.  If they are communicating with you, or visiting with you, that’s what they need to be doing in that moment.

     I thank you for reading the blog by a psychic medium who knows she doesn’t have all the answers, but feels blessed to believe she has some of the answers that help people.  Take the answers that help you, and the ones that don’t make sense to you, just throw them back.  I hope this blog helps you, and helps you heal any pain that you may be feeling from the loss of a loved one.  Know that they are not missing the events in your life, they can see all, and know all that you are experiencing.  If you have other questions you would like me to address in the blog in the future, please send an email to  Take time to stop by the website,  For now, I send to each of you Universal Love and

Feb 08

Psychic Medium readings, in person or phone reading?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Hello friends.  It’s been a while since the last posting. These last few months have been very busy getting a place set up on the west coast.  We are now officially bi-coastal.  It’s interesting to see the differences in they way people think, and do things.  I’ve been getting a number of calls for clients who would like to have a reading, but they weren’t sure about having it over the phone.  So today I’m going to explain why a phone reading is a good way to have session.

According to what I’ve experienced and been shown through meditation, and in doing the readings for clients each of us has a team.  That team consists of guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones and or friends that have crossed over (died on earth).  Our team attempts to help and guide each of us toward our highest and best good.  Members of the team are not allowed to intercede in our behalf unless we ask them to.  When we pray that is a form of asking for that help.

When I do readings, the first thing I do is a meditation for the day.  Some information comes to me during that meditation.  The rest of the information to be shared is given during or at the time of the reading.  All of my senses are used.  Which senses are used depends on the energy/soul that is conveying the message.  When that communication is going on, be it meditation, or by virtue of being open to receive the information we are crossing dimensions.  In so doing, it is not necessary that we be in the same room, same building or office.  They don’t care if the person the reading is present with me, or half the world away, they give me the same messages.

I’ve been asked if you get a better reading if it is in person versus being a phone reading.  The answer to this question is that it makes no difference.  Having the session in person is merely a personal preference for the individual having the reading.  About 80% of the readings that I do are phone readings, in person readings are about 20%.  So rest assured that if you want to have a reading, and you are not in the area of where I am physically, you can still have that done.

Now there is something that can make a difference, at least for me, in what kind of results you can get in the reading, and that is you must truly be open.  By that I mean, not angry, or holding back, or intentionally blocking.  In a reading, whether it is in person or phone, I am given signs, shown things, hear something, taste, or feel.  As I am receiving these types of signs I convey them to the person having the reading.  After I say something that I’ve been given or shown, I ask the question, “does this make sense to you?”  The only answer I want is yes it makes sense, or no it doesn’t.  The reason for asking the question is because I need to be sure I am interpreting what is being given.  If it makes sense we keep going with new and more information, and each time asking the same question.  If it does not make sense then I ask the spirit realm for clarification.  One of two things happens here, they keep pushing the way I’ve interpreted it, or I get something else that will help connect it.  So this type of feedback is needed.  And if the person having the reading is intentionally giving false answers (yes, when they don’t connect it, or no, when they do know what I’m giving them) this will block a successful reading.  For what purpose someone would do this, I can’t say I understand it, but having experienced, I know that it does happen.  When someone does that it is a waste of their money and my time.  I’m truly in this to help people heal from loss, and the pain associated with it, as well help with guidance on how to best deal with life lessons, or situations that they are experiencing.

I bring up that part of it because I actually experienced both of those things recently.  The first one was a young lady who had booked a 45 minute session.  As I started the session with the client I sensed that she was apprehensive.  In giving her information and then asking, does this make sense to you, she would say no.  Each and every time I asked her that I got the same answer, so 15 minutes into the session I explained to her that this was not going to benefit either one of us and I terminated the session.  After terminating the session I issued a refund.  The second young lady had inquired about a reading through an email, and she explained how angry she was,  angry with God, and angry with the world.  Against my own guidance, and I know you’re sitting there thinking, why would you go against your own guidance? Other than wanting to help this young lady with her pain is the only answer I can give you as to why, but my guidance told me not to do a reading for her, because she was not in the right place emotionally for this to be successful.  And I got the message myself that by not listening to my guidance, the reading didn’t result in a positive outcome.  I was giving her information as I got it, and she kept saying, if you can believe this, yes, or it could be, needless to say, giving false positives didn’t help further her desire for concrete proof that there is an afterlife.  Session ended 15 minutes into the one hour time, and again I refunded, because my desire is to help people, not do harm.  Both of these decided they would write a review which was hurtful and upsetting.  While I know it was done out of their own pain, it still hurt me and upset me.  If I was trying to scam or defraud them I would not have refunded their money.  My desire and mission is to help as many people as I can, both in connecting with loved ones, and in dealing with life situations.  And I must say that for the time I have been doing this, both before I started doing it full time, and since then, the overwhelming majority of my clients have been pleased.  I cannot let a few sour grapes to sour the whole bottle of wine, so to speak.

So for now, I will leave you with the idea that you can have either a phone reading or an in person reading and they can both be successful forms of having an appointment with a qualified psychic, or psychic medium.  But remember you must be open and part of that success by responding truthfully about whether or not the signs relayed make sense to you or not.    Feel free to check out my website at, or if you have questions that are not answered here or on the site give me a call and we can help you get the answers you need.

I’m sending you love and light until next time.

Oct 04

Are the TV shows about Psychics and Mediums Accurate?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

  Hello again to all my loyal friends, and fans.  A subject that has come up a number of times in the last few months is about televisions shows involving psychics or psychic mediums.  I’ve been asked if the ways things are shown is real or is it all made up.   The main purposes of my blog is educate those interested about psychics, psychic mediums, and all things associated with psychic readings and psychic medium readings.

   My earliest memory of psychics being on TV was Miss Cleo and the Psychic Readers Network, and then there was Dione Warwick and the Psychic Friends Network.  I don’t know what your opinion may have been of those infomercials, but mine certainly weren’t of a positive nature. Both were commercials and infomercials about call-in lines for psychic predictions, and psychic readings.  Of course, there were many jokes and generalizations about psychics and the work that they do.  This was not a good foundation for psychic phone readings to be based on.
  We’ve come a long way since that time, in both education about psychics.  As I have written before, not all are good, not all are bad.  And since the timing of Psychic Readers Network and Psychic Friends Network, there have been several psychic mediums who have done television shows that has done as much good for the reputation of the work, as those first two did to damage it.  John Edward’s show, Crossing Over, and then there was Beyond with James Van Praagh.  People were able to watch members of the audiences get readings from these two mediums and see how connecting with their loved ones worked.  Not only were the members of the audiences brought to tears, but television audiences wept as well, hoping to possibly to be able to make that connection with their own loved ones.  
  And then came the television series that were put on.  They were put on as entertainment, but my belief is that they also helped to educate people.  Keeping in mind that there is, of course, the “Hollywood” aspect of the show, and there is also a foundation, if you will, of truth in some of it.  And how much reality there was in the show depended on which show you might have been watching.  Let me start with Charmed, which was a show about three sisters who got their powers back after the death of their grandmother, “Grams.”  Phoebe was the psychic sister, who was able to see things that were yet to come.  She had the gift of precognition, which means to see things before they happen.  The way in which her precognitive abilities were shown is by her touching someone or something and seeing the impending trouble.  Because the premise of the show was that the girls were always fighting against demons, Phoebe rarely saw good things coming in the future.  The act of touching something or someone and getting a premonition is the element that is not necessary.  I’m not saying that it is not possible, I’m saying it’s not necessary.  Touching someone or something and getting information about the object or the person is called psychometry.  As the girls grew closer, their gifts grew as well.  Phoebe then received the gift of empathy.  Being an empath means feeling what another person feels.  Having this gift can be overwhelming, especially if you are unaware of having it,  and that in turn causes an inability to control it.  An example of how an empath picks up things from others is, an empath can be in a room full of people, everyone is happy and having a good time.  The next thing that happens is that another person walks into the room and she happens to be very angry, the energy in the room changes dramatically.  The empath will pick up on this and feel the anger raging in his or herself. I’m sure you have felt something similar to this in the past.  This is one of the ways that a psychic or medium gets information, either about the person who has died, or the person having the reading.  The psychic is able to differentiate what they are feeling is associated with the dead person, or the person having the session.  I’m not going to go into the gifts that Piper, or Prue had in this blog.  While they did have some gifts that psychics and mediums have, the vast majority of theirs were for show, literally.
  The next show I would like to talk about is Ghost Whisperer, with Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon.  Melinda was able to see, hear, and communicate with “ghosts” in the show.  In reality there are some souls that have not moved into the light because they have unfinished business.  Psychic Mediums are able to see, hear, and feel things from a soul that is communicating with them, so this is the part of the show that was real.  Again, the “Hollywood” aspect of this show is that number of times that this happens in one small town.  James Van Praagh was the Co-executive Producer on this show.  Having him on board certainly helped to keep this show closer to psychic mediums experience.
  Then we have the show Medium, which is based on the life of Allison Dubois.  Allison is another psychic medium.  In the show when a case needs to be solved Allison had a “dream” which gives her clues to lead to what happened.  Reality is that mediums do at times get information that can be helpful to law enforcement in solving a crime, or helping to find a missing person.  For the most part, mediums do not have dreams every night that are connected to their readings.  There are psychics and mediums who at times get information about things that either have happened, or are going to happen, and the information can be helpful to law enforcement.  Just as there are in all walks of life, there are law enforcement officers who believe in the gifts that psychics have, and are willing to use those tips to help solve a crime or find a missing person.  For many reasons, most of which are obvious, law enforcement will not come out and acknowledge that this is a practice that is used in their departments.  but psychics are used in situations similar to that of a confidential informant.
  All in all, the more recent television shows that have been based on, or feature a psychic or a psychic medium as based on some foundation of truth. In other words, some of the things that are portrayed are true and accurate, others are exaggerated for entertainment purposes.  And if you are thinking about having a reading you should decide what is the purpose for having a reading, if it is for entertainment purposes, you and a few of your friends are doing it just for a “hoot” as they say, then you can just pick any one you want, and “remember” you were doing it for fun, and keep it perspective.  If you are, however, doing it because you have lost a loved one, or you are experiencing a life situation that you need guidance in, then do your research first.  Talk to a friend who has spoken to one, search on-line and read as much as you can about the person you are going to make an appointment with.  Learn what the tell tale signs are of a scammer, Is Your Psychic Real or a Scam?  You can also visit a site that Bob Olson has created to help people find a good psychic or psychic medium,  Seeing a psychic for fun is one thing, and seeing one for healing and help is completely different.  Make sure you select the right one for you.
  Until next time, Love and Light to you all.
Jul 23

When to Have a Reading

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

  To have a reading or not to have a reading.  Some are not sure if they want  a reading, or even if it will help.  Then there are those who would like to, but it goes against their religious beliefs, and they’re not quite sure if they will end up in hell if they do.  Let me state outright, my purpose is not to put anyone’s religion down.  We all have the right to believe what we choose, and should be able to do that without anyone judging it.  I would like to state that my personal belief is that all religions have a foundation in truth.  Not only do they all have a foundation in truth, but rooted in love, compassion and understanding.  Through years of man’s interpretations those foundations have drastically changed.  It’s kind of like reading a book, and telling someone what you think the author meant when he wrote it.  If you ask ten different people, you are likely to get different interpretations.  So, on the aspect as it applies to having a reading because of what your religious views are, I say, if it feels right to you, then have one.  I can assure you that there is no punishment for having a session.  You won’t be arrested, no ads in the newspaper are taken out to let others know you have done it.

  Now, I would like to address timing of having a reading.  If you have lost a loved one, and you are hoping to connect with them there is no specific amount of time that must be waited out before you can have a session, or that you will be able to get through to them.  As for the timing on your end is another factor to be considered.  When someone passes people are in a great deal of pain from the loss, and very emotional.  This is normal and won’t hinder the contact, but you may have a better experience if you wait a little bit until you have time to adjust per se.  Not that we ever adjust to being without someone we love and care about, but the emotions will calm down.  This is a very personal thing, and for each individual it may be different.  My opinion on this is to go when it feels right to you.  I have souls come through to me right after having left this dimension, before there has even been a memorial service.  Whether you decide to have a reading right after, or wait a period of time, a session with a good medium usually brings through some very comforting information.

  How about if you are going through a life situation, such as a financial situation, or the break up of a relationship, or you are having a medical issue?  Is this a good time to have a reading?  The answer to that question purely depends on whether or not you do your research and find a reputable genuine psychic to do the reading for you.  All too often people don’t do enough research and end up having a session with a charlatan or a scammer.  When you are going through a situation like any of the ones I have mentioned, you are vulnerable.  The charlatan can smell it, and they will use it to their advantage.  They can end up doing more harm than good in these cases.  If you have gotten a referral from a friend, or you have researched, a reading can be very helpful.  Read my previous blog about signs that you are being scammed.  When you have a session with a reputable psychic, or psychic medium he or she can help you quite a bit.  But rest assured a genuine psychic, or psychic medium will never try to make you dependent on them.  They never tell you must return to them, or that you should buy some expensive item to get rid of whatever is going on.  A suggestion may be made about doing meditation, or attending a workshop.  Or you may even be referred to someone who does genuine healing work.

  All in all, whatever the reason for having a reading, be it to speak with a loved one who had died on the earthly plane, or any type of life situation, the most important aspect is doing your research, or get a good referral from someone you trust.  Psychic readings and or psychic medium readings are very helpful in many different ways to many people.  Only you know if the time is right for you.  There is no specific time that is better than another to have a reading.  The most important part is getting someone to do your reading that is working in the light, and only has your best interest at heart.

Jun 17

Good or Evil

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Periodically the question comes up whether or not what psychics do is good or evil.  There are people of certain religious backgrounds that believe that getting a psychic reading is dabbling in evil, or the “devil’s work”.  Some people feel this is a taboo subject to even approach, but I’ve never been shy about approaching a difficult subject.  Personally, I think this is a subject that needs to be addressed.  The way I choose to address this topic is based on my own experience.

What I have been shown through my meditations, and through experience with others, is that we are all born with intuitive abilities.  This is what I call our own internal “GPS”.  The reason for this internal “GPS” is because we are all spiritual beings.  I heard a quote once, and I cannot remember who said it, “We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience.”  And I read in a Brian Weiss book, “It’s not a matter of finding out who we are, but a matter of remembering who we are.”  So, in that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, all things that we are given, are given by our creator for our use.

What is a GPS?  It is a guiding device, to give direction, to help when you are not sure where you are going.  Our “GPS” is that gut feeling you have, or that small voice you hear.  A lot of times people aren’t sure why they are feeling something, or where that voice is coming from, so they either choose to ignore it, or follow it.  I’d like to give an example of the kinds of things that we feel or hear.  Let’s say you are getting ready to go out for the day, and you hear, “take the umbrella, it’s going to rain this afternoon.”  Or, you are driving down a familiar road and you get a feeling, “Don’t take the regular way, the road is backed up, go over to the alternate road.”  So do you choose to follow that guidance, or should you ignore it?  If you ignore it, slowly you turn off that God-given intuition.  If you listen to it, you are saying to your guides, “I want to hear more.”  And they stand up and cheer, and it’s like a little cheering session saying, “We have his/her attention, let’s tell him/her more.”

Now that you have an understanding that we ALL have this inside of us, let’s talk about whether or not it is good or evil.  Firsts, it’s given to us by our creator/God.  God doesn’t give us gifts that are evil.  There are those who use their gifts in ways that they were not intended to be used.  That does not make all psychics or psychic mediums “evil”.  It is a matter of how they choose to their gifts that determines whether it is good or bad.  There are readers who use their gifts and are not operating in the light, and are using them to scam people.  One way in which this is done is by telling someone, “You have a curse on you.” Or, “You have a black cloud of negative energy around you.”  Then they will offer to lift the curse, or get rid of the negative energy for you for a sum of money.  Anyone doing such things is not using the gift for the purpose in which it was intended.  You can rest assured that there is Universal Law that takes care of such things.  I’m sure you have heard it, “What goes around comes around. Karma, what you put out is what you get back. You reap what you sow.”

There is too much good that is done by people using their gifts in the light, and in the way that it was intended to lump all psychics and psychic mediums into the same category and say that they are all evil.        When a medium connects a person with a loved one that has left the earthly plane, and there is no doubt  that is what they have done, this is not evil.  It helps to heal grief and helps the people left behind that are in so much pain from their loss.  Another example is when a psychic sees a young woman with a child, and the doctors have told her that she will likely not be able to have children, it gives her hope to move forward in her life.  These are good things and ways that the gifts help people.

Good versus Evil.  It’s not all black or white.  It’s about intent.  It’s about the way it is used.  Don’t let other people’s fear of something that they don’t understand rule what you do, or you think.  Make your decision about whether or not having a reading is the right thing for you.  By all means, do your research and be sure to connect with a psychic or psychic medium who is using their God-given gift in the way it was intended to be used, and they are operating in the light.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you have enjoyed this one.  Love and Light to you.

May 01

Top Psychics Mediums

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

It’s been  while since my last blog entry.  I’ve contemplated for a while what I should write about.  I don’t believe in writing just for the sake of writing.  My writing has to have meaning, and just as the work I do, I believe it should have an impact.  The point of this writing is about the impact of the Top Psychic Mediums.
First I’d like to say who I feel these Top Psychic Mediums are.  There are a number who fit into this list, John Edward, James Van Praagh, Allison Dubois, Robert Brown, Char Margolis, George Anderson, and my personal friend and mentor, Carmen Harra.  This list is in now way meant to be all-inclusive.  This is just a few of the Top Psychic Mediums, and ones who have had an impact on me and my work.
Each of these Mediums have done wonderful things to bring to bring our work out into the open and bring recognition to this very legitimate field.  As I’ve written in the past, not everyone doing this work is doing so for the right reasons, or using it in the way it was intended to be used. John and James were, I believe, the first to put this work in the media, doing television shows and making the rounds doing group readings and helping people connect with their loved ones who have gone onto the next dimension.  Allison had a television show about her life, called Medium.  Each of these mediums have written and published books.  They have helped countless people connect with loved ones, and helped the society to have a better understanding of the process of making those connections.  I can honestly say that until they came out in the media, I didn’t have a full understanding of what I was experiencing.  Having grown up with the gift of knowing things, seeing things that others didn’t see or hear was a bit different.  Really knowing that others didn’t hear things the same way I did was brought to light to me until I was in my mid-twenties.  Up to that point, I thought we could all hear things the same way.  I knew that we didn’t all see the same things
When John and James first started with the media and writing, I started reading everything I could get my hands on that they had written.  At that point it all made sense to me.  In one of John’s books he wrote about the people that helped him to understand his gifts and use it in the way that he is now using it.  The first person was Lydia Clar.  She was the psychic whom his mother knew and visited all the time, and worked with for a period of time.  Lydia came to their home and actually did a reading for John.  Her contact information was listed in his book.  I contacted her and set up an appointment with her.  Lydia did a phone reading for me.  Lydia suggested that I should get in touch with Sheila Mattingly, who does past life regressions.  Also at her suggestion, I got in touch with Irene Weinberg who is an author of book that had been channelled to her by her husband that had passed.  Irene invited me to attend a workshop she was putting together with Dr. Sharon Wendt.  I attended Dr. Wendt’s workshop in New Jersey.
I believe it was in John’s second book he also mentioned that he had done workshops with Sandy Anastasi.  At that point I decided to research her and see if she was still doing workshops.  As it happened, she was beginning a new set of workshops that weekend.  My wonderful supportive husband said to that I should go.  We were living in Virginia, and the workshops were in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Although it was short notice, everything fell into place, and I was able to attend the Psychic Development workshops with Sandy.  For the next six months, I attended workshops to get a handle on my abilities.  This was purely to be able to use these gifts in my own life, which I had already been doing, but I wanted to have a better understanding of them and be able to use them in a way that would be more helpful to me.  I was enjoying my successful career as a court reporter at the time.  During this weekend workshop I was introduced to Shaman Mic McManus, whom I continue to work with today.  I continued to read everything I could by every single psychic author I could get my hands on, the list was endless; Robert Brown, Char Margolis, George Anderson, Echo Bodine, Carmen Harra, and others.  As I read each of these books there were things in them that I could relate to and felt as though I was reading about my own life in some aspects.  Especially, when I got to read the book by Allison Dubois.  With Allison’s connection to the law and court system, this was all very close to home for me.
I continued to practice my court reporting and was even looking at getting a position within a court system, one where I could go to one place everyday.  With my experience and the fact that they had previously paid me as a contractor to come in and train their reporters on a new system, I believed I was a shoe-in for the job.  Only, I wasn’t a shoe-in, they didn’t hire me.  So, I called Carmen and set up a reading with her.  Carmen said to me, I don’t know if you realize this, but you are supposed to do readings full-time, like I do.  Carmen knew nothing about me, so she wouldn’t have known that I had done workshops to be able to control my gifts.  But in taking those workshops, I would never have thought I would end up doing readings full-time, as I was perfectly happy doing my court reporting, which I had been doing at the time for about 18 years.  After Carmen said that to me, I told her, I have no idea how to even begin doing this professionally.  She advised me to get a website, and she introduced me to Scott Cluthe, who at the time had a radio show.  When I talked to Scott, I ended up doing an impromptu reading for him, in which is wife came through, she had passed from cancer.  That was the beginning of me being on radio shows with Scott through the years.  Scott has been on Sirius radio, Healthy Life, Blog Talk Radio, just to name a few.  I’ve been on each of these networks with Scott.
Two years of doing court reporting and readings, and then it was time to give up the reporting altogether, and do, as Carmen had said, full-time readings.  Over the years of doing this, I’ve talked with and met quite a few people.  Many of which have told me about the impact that I’ve had on their lives, and I tell them, I merely deliver the messages, what you do with them is your responsibility.
Recently a client that I did a reading for had an opportunity to get an in person private reading with James Van Praagh.  When he went to the private reading, he said that James told him a lot of the same things that I had told him in our session.  He mentioned me to James, we’ve never met.  James, of course, didn’t know who I am.  My client sent me an email telling about his session with James and that he was a going to attend a workshop with James in New York.  After a great deal of through and meditation, I decided that I too would attend the workshop.  I got to meet James, and thank him for the work he has done and continues to in this field.
What makes these people the Top Psychic Mediums?  Well, for one the attention they have brought to the work.  They have impacted so many people, some of which they have met, others they have not.  As you can see from my telling of their impact on me.  Reading a couple of books, I’ve ended up meeting a number of people that have helped along the path of bringing me to where I am today in doing full-time psychic and psychic medium readings myself.  This is not something I would have thought I would be doing with my life, for sure.  It’s through the impact that we have on others, sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t know. but our impact can be far reaching.  And because of that, I would like to say, thank you John Edward, James Van Praagh, Allison Dubois, Robert Brown, George Anderson, and especially, Carmen Harra.  For those I have met, it’s a pleasure to count  you as my friends and colleagues.  For those I have not met, I feel very blessed for your contributions to my life, without you even knowing me or meeting me, you have helped me and many others by the work you are doing.  Keep it up and I send you Universal Love and Light.
A client of mine had an opportunity

Feb 25

Is Your Psychic Real or a Scam?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

In my last posting I talked about what to expect when you have a reading with me.  Today I’m going to talk with you about what I call the “Neon Sign Factor”.  There are many psychics and psychic mediums that are real, genuine, and operating in the light.  Unfortunately, there are equally as many, if not more that are not real, are looking to scam people, or are just not operating in the light with the right intentions.  If you are in an area where there are shops, or psychic reading salons, as they are sometimes called, there will be a neon sign saying “Psychic” or “Palm Reader”.  By no means am I saying that all of these are scammers, but in this blog I am going to give you some indicators to look for if you happen to be in one of these types of shops, or even if you are doing a reading by phone.

More often than not when someone is looking for a reading they have a situation that is going on in their life that they are hoping to gain insight into, having a relationship issue, or someone close has passed away and they are hoping to connect with them.  In situations like this the person going for the reading is vunerable.   When we are vunerable we sometimes miss things that would not otherwise get by us.  There are times when people are just going for a reading because it would be fun to do, but that is really the unusual type of reading.  But these guidelines can help no matter what the reason is that you are looking for a psychic reading.

A lot of times it will start with being lured in with really inexpensive, or a cheap price.  That is because knowing that clients are vunerable, the money end of the scam comes at the back end of it.  I don’t mean to imply that all the scams start out as completely inexpensive either.  Some have gained confidence and will charge more in the beginning.  Part of the reason for the inexpensive draw in is to gain the client’s trust, and build a relationship, keep the client coming back often. 

Another indicator is your psychic reader telling you not to tell anyone what you have been told in your reading.  There is no reason in the world why, if you choose to share something that has come through in a legitimate reading that you cannot.  This is a red flag.  Along the same lines is taping a session.  In fact, I encourage people to record their sessions, that way I know they can be paying full attention while we are in the session and not distracted by trying to take notes at the same time, and then it can be listened to again after the session.  So, if  you are told you cannot tape record your session, ask why?  Now I can tell you that there may be something that comes through in a session that spirit might not want on the tape, and they can make it sound different, or it is blank, but that is not and should not be the decision of the person doing your psychic reading.  If you bring your own recording device you will know for sure it has not been tampered with, and it’s under your control.

This next indicator can go either way, but I list it anyway as just something to be aware of.  If there are two people and the reader says the other person cannot stay in the room, be sure it is for a legitimate reason.  In my sessions I will allow someone to stay as long as the client is okay with, and they are not concerned that something may come up that they do not want anyone else to hear.  Sometimes when there is more than one person in the room a second fee will be charged because something could come up for the other person, this would be true in a psychic medium reading.  It would not be the case for a tarot card reading, or a palm reading.

If you are in your reading and you are told that you have “a black cloud over you, negative energy following you, a curse on you”, any of these types of statements are a lead in to begin the scam.  Another one is if you are having a relationship issue and you are trying to get back together with someone, or even get someone to leave you alone and this psychic can help you with it, can fix it, can heal it, these are all things that are indicators of scams.  Sometimes they will tell you to put a certain amount of money in a white envelope and then pray over it, sleep on it and then bring it to them.  In one case you will be told that they can do candle magic to fix the issue and the candle is an enormous amount of money.  There is no amount of candle magic, or you giving someone a large sum of money that is going to fix any of the above listed “issues”. 

When anyone is having things go wrong in their life, be it in a relationship, job, or however they are effecting you, no one else can fix it but you.  It means there is a life lesson that you must learn in order to move forward.  No one can learn your lessons for you, you must walk that road yourself.  You must take the class yourself.  When you learn the lesson you then begin to move forward.  Sometimes that lesson is patience, sometimes it’s tolerance, or communication.  It’s always a life-lesson. 

In closing for today, remember psychics and psychic mediums can be very helpful when they are real and operating in the light.  When they are not real or just scamming, they can do more damage than good.  Be aware of that when you are looking for a psychic or a psychic medium.  Do your research or get a referral from someone else who has had a good experience.

Until next time, I send Universal Love and Light to you.

Jan 30

What to Expect in a Psychic Reading.

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

When you decide that you want to get a psychic reading you should have an idea of what to expect.  As you know from reading the prior posts, not all readings are alike. First, make sure you have done your research.  Now that you have done your research you’ve read my blogs, the testimonials on the different sites, you have chosen to have a session with me.  You can call to set up an appointment, or send an email.  We then go through whether you want a daytime, or evening appointment, and we set a time that is convenient.  Sessions can be done in person, or over the phone.  Many people wonder if the session is over the phone, will that effect the messages that come through?  The answer to that is, no.  When I am communicated with Spirit, be it loved ones that have crossed over, or Spirit Guides, or Angels they are already crossing dimensions to communciate with us to begin with.  They really don’t care if the person is in front of me in the same room, or if they are thousands of miles away, the messages will be the same.  It then becomes a personal preference for you/the client.  As the appointments are set up, we take a first name and a phone number, payment is done through the website.  Sometimes people may want to share right then what it is that they are looking to connect with.  In these cases I always stop and say, please, do not tell me what you are looking for.  It makes the reading cleaner and clearer.  And you will have no doubt where the information came from.  I will tell you, however, please, think about what it is that you would like to connect with during our appointment.  We will start the appointment with me giving you all the information that comes through, and then I will leave time at the end for you to ask quesitons, in the event that I haven’t covered something that you are looking for.   When you set an appointment you set an intention, and this basically puts out a call to your loved ones and your spirit guides that this is their chance to connect with you.
  Now to explain how the information does come through in a reading, I would like to start with someone who is hoping to connect with a loved one who has crossed over, and I used crossed over, because my feeling is that when someone dies on earth it is merely crossing to another dimension.  They die here and are born in the new dimension.  Meditation is a key for connection.  On a daily basis I meditate before my sessions with clients.  There are times that loved ones will start to come through to me before the day of the appointment.  It can happen as soon as you set the appointment, they get anxious sometimes.  So in cases like that, I make notes so that I may share it with you when it is the set time.  When you arrive we have a seat and begin our session.
  Information is given to me in a number of different ways.  One of the ways is by virtue of me being empathic.  They will make me feel something.  Let’s say someone died in a car accident and they had a head trauma, I feel a momentary blow to the head.  Or if they there was Alzheimer’s, I may feel like being here and then  not being here, like a sort of confused feeling.  A heart issue could come with a chest pain.  These feelings are momentary for me and as soon as I relay the message, they leave me.  Another way to convey things is by sight.  I will actually see them standing in the room with us, or they will show  me a little movie in my head.  When I convey this scene to you, and as we go through the movie scenes they will make sense to you.  Spirits can also make themselves heard by me.  And the messages that they will come through with will be things that will make sense to you.  Because while they have moved  to another dimension they come through with the same personality and looks that you knew them to have.  They do this so that you can and will know that it is them that is coming through.  Their purpose is help you heal your grief and let you know that the love goes on.  Their Spirit/Soul lives on, and so does their love for you.  They may bring through things that happened while they were alive, and they will also bring through things that have happened since their passing so that you know they can still see what is going on in your life.  After I have give you all the messages that they have for you, it is then that I give you an opportunity to ask questions.  I may periodically ask you in the session, does this make sense to you.  When I do, it is merely to make sure that I am interpretting what I am seeing or hearing properly.  I am looking for a yes or no about whether it does indeed make sense.  No elaboration is needed at that point. 
Besides psychic medium readings, I do psychic readings as well.  All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.  When I do a psychic reading, the ability to see the past, the present and what the possibilities are for the future.  You may be dealing with a situation in our life and you want some insight as to what may happen with it.  I say possibilites, because not all things are set in stone.  We as humans have the ability to change the outcome of something that is yet to come in the future by our freewill.  And again, I remind you here, if anyone tells you that they can make something happen for you, get you back together in a relationship, or something of this nature, this is not the kind of psychic reader that you want to deal with.  They are running a scam and will end up hurting you.  No one has the ability to make anything happen in your future, but you.  While I can see what possibilities are, you are the one in control, always. 
  I hope that this entry is helpful to you.  And until next time.  Universal Love and Light to you.

Jan 05

Best Psychics

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     In my last posting I talked about the different types of readings.   For this edition I would like to talk about how to pick a psychic, or psychic medium to do a reading for you.  Choosing the person to do your reading is an important decision.  There are a number of factors that go into making the right choice.  Sometimes readers will offer a free question, or a test reading, this can be good, but not everyone will offer free readings.  Don’t let this be the only factor that you use in making your decision as to who will do your full reading.  Another part of the decision is sometimes based on price.  What you can afford plays in, but if you have a choice between a reader who charges a little bit more than you can afford, and one that is less pricey, but is not a good fit, you would be better off waiting until you save enough for the reader that charges more.  There are readers who will draw you in with a low price reading, say $5, $15, or a $20 reading.  After they draw you in, they gain your confidence and trust, and will tell you something along the lines of you have a black cloud of negativity following you, or you have a curse on you, and they can get rid of it for you.  First, if anyone ever tells you something like this you need to run, not walk in the opposite direction.  Second, if you do have negative things going on in your life, you have a life-lesson to learn, and when you learn the lesson things will turn for you.  No one else can remove a cloud of negativity for you or a curse.  You do not need to pay anyone to do that for you.  You have to look at what is going on in your life and figure out what you need to learn from the situation.  If someone tells you they can reunite you with a lost love, this is another sign they are running a scam.  No one has that ability.
  It’s also a good idea to do a search and look at the readers’ websites.  If there is a picture of the reader, look at that and see if you feel a connection.  Look at all pages on the sites, see how professional they are, and read about the readers, learn a little bit about them.  If they have done radio shows, listen to the archives of the radio shows.  Read testimonials, in doing so don’t just read them on the readers’ sites, also look at other sites, like google reviews, city search reviews, yellow pages reviews, and bing.  These types of reviews are usually done by people that have been read by the psychic or the psychic medium and can be very helpful in making your decision as to who will be doing your session.
  These are just a few of the factors that you should consider when choosing a psychic or psychic medium to do your reading.  I hope that these hints help you make a good choice in having a session.  Always remember there are good psychics and psychic mediums, and there are bad ones, just like all other professions.  Do not let one bad experience completely turn you off.  There are time when having a reading can be very helpful, but if you have had a bad experience you may be wary of trying it again.  Do your research first, and listen to your own internal guidance about who is the best fit for you to have a reading with.  And if you know someone who has had a personal session with someone, ask them about it.  Word of mouth referrals are always good.  People will tell you if they have had a good session with someone, or it’s been a bad one. 
  Until the next time I wish you all Universal Love and Light.

Dec 12

Types of Psychic Readings

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

First I’d like to give a description of some the different kinds of services are available.  I believe it’s important to have a good understanding of what the services that are out there in order to make the right choices.  I’d like to give a brief list of what they, and it is not meant to be all-inclusive.  There are tarot card, angel card, palm , numerology, astrology, rune stones, psychic, and psychic medium readings. 
Tarot cards were originally used for games in the 15th century.  It wasn’t until the 18th and 19th century that they were then used to foretell the future.  In readings they are broken into two groups, the major arcana and the minor arcana.  They major arcana has 22 cards, and the minor has 56 for a total of 78 cards.  There are many different designs of tarot decks, nad far too many to be able to list here.  The most popular is probably the Rider-Waite deck.  Psychic readers who use tarot decks are not necessarily born with the gifts, or should I say have their intuitive abilities open.  One can be taught the meanings of each card and can then do readings from the decks of cards by laying them out for a person who wishes to have a reading.  Angel card readings would be another form of card reading, but they usually have only positive meanings in them.  As with tarot decks, angel decks can be varied, and there are many different ones.  The most popular angel cards are probably the ones made by Doreen Virtue.
The next type of psychic reading I would like to talk about is the palm reading.   Palm reading is the art of reading the lines in the palm of the hand.  Each line has a meaning, and as many lines as the hand has, there are equally as many different interpretations of those meanings.  I have been asked often if palm reading is real.  The reading so of palms is real, and the lines do have meanings.  Now whether or not the person doing the reading is real or not is another question.  It is believed that the lines are linked to our past lives, and what is to be in the current life.  There are many cultures that use it and believe it in quite freely.  Like tarot and angel card reading, palm reading can be taught, and in fact, is taught in different cultures.
Numerolgy readings are done by the use of numbers and letters.  Each number has a meaning and what it represents.  Letter have a number that is associated with it.  The numbers have meanings for both positive and negative qualities.  It is believed that before we incarnate into a lifetime we sit down with a guidance counselor (so to speak) and determine what life lessons we wish to experience.  And in doing that our date of birth is determined, as is our name, and with the numbers it adds together to give us personalities to create those lessons.  How we live and learn those lessons is up to us.  We have freewill to make the choices of how to handle them.  But if we do not learn the lesson at first they continue to come up over and over again until we do learn them.  I will leave that for another day.  The name we are given at birth is coverted into numbers, then the numbers are added together, and reduced to a single digit, unless the number is 11 or 22, which are considered to be master numbers.    There are four core elements in numerology.  The Life Path, which is determined by the date of birth.  The second of the core is Expression, which is determined by your full birth name.  Soul Urge is the third element, or your inner motivation, and is determined by using the vowels in your birth name. Your Birthday is considered the sub-lesson to be learned in your life, and that is the numerical day of your birth.  This is merely an overview of what a numerology reading entails and in now way inclusive of everything involved.  An astrology reading is closely compared with a numerology reading as your month, day, and year of birth is used, along with the hour of birth.  The way an astrological reading is done today is by typing all the data into software and computer puts together a chart showing the things that have gone on, and what’s to come.  As with the other types of readings, numerology and astrology are also a form of reading that can be taught.  Before software was devoloped for the readings all the charting was done by hand, and was very time consuming.  Numerology and astrology are very good tools, and when someone does them for a person it can be very revealing in that a person that is adept at it can tell you a lot of things about your personality and how you handle situations, and relationships.
Rune stone readings go back to ancient times.  The stones have runic alphabet on them.  Each letter or symbol has a meaning.  It’s a matter of the person interpretting that meaning and delivering it to the person who wishes to have a reading done.  Reading runes is something that can be taught.
Psychic readings is someone looking at the past, what’s going on in the present, and what the possibilities are for the future.  I say possibilities, because not all things are set in stone and must occur.  Sometimes those things can be changed.  A psychic uses his or her senses to do readings.  Clairaudience is hearing things.  Clairvoyance is seeing signs.  Clairsentience is feeling something.  Claircognizance is knowing, (gut feeling).  Clairalience is smelling.  Clairgustance is tasting.  Not all psychics have or use all the gifts.  Now there are those that say we all have a psychic sense, and there are those that say it can be taught.  My answer to this is we are all born with an internal knowing, but we do not all have it open and use it.  We can be taught to open it up and use it.  The  more you use it, the more it opens up the clearer it becomes.  And that is yet another subject for another day.
Psychic medium readings are communicating with people that have died or crossed over.  I personally like to say crossed over, because my belief is a death from earth is birth in another dimension, if you will.  That would be the difference between a psychic and psychic medium reading.  And to finish it up for now, all psychic mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are psychic mediums. 
I hope that this article has been informative and helpful.  Please share it with your friends and join our group for continued discussions and education on all things psychic.