What Signs Our Loved Ones in Spirit Use to Get Our Attention

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Aug 20

I had such a good response from last week’s blog entry, I’ve decided to make it at least a weekly entry for a while. One of the requests I received when asking for topics that people would like to read about, was what signs can loved ones use to get our attention.

First, I’d like to say that the length of time someone has been in spirit makes no difference. It could be a day, a month, a year, or many years. In the spirit realm, time does not exist in the manner in which we deal with it or view it here. Another thing that has come up is the fact that they seem to be able to be multiple places, or with multiple people at the same time, (again, that’s because time doesn’t exist where they are). Time is really a “construct” that we use in the third dimension. That is a topic for another day.

There was a time I was doing a medium reading for a woman, and her father was coming through for her. He wanted to apologize and ask forgiveness. And while this woman had come for a reading, she was not expecting her father to show up. She was not ready to hear him apologize, nor was she ready to forgive him. She abruptly decided to end the session that day. I explained to her that when I do a reading, I have the ability to use tact when delivering the messages, but I don’t get to choose what messages come through. While I felt very bad for her, I knew I had to deliver the messages I was getting. A reminder, when we forgive someone, whether they are in spirit, or alive in this dimension now, that forgiveness is more about us, than it is about them. And just because you forgive someone, doesn’t mean that you then must hang around with them. And if they are in spirit and coming to you repeatedly, you can ask them to leave. Forgiveness, especially when someone is in spirit, is about giving you peace, nothing more, nothing less. Although, your forgiveness to someone in spirit does help them move to the next lesson.

Now, for the signs those in spirit use to get your attention. A loved on will come through with their same personality that you knew, especially, when coming through a medium in a reading type of situation. But they don’t always just come through a medium. I encourage people to pay attention to the signs they get. I find that in spirit they use all of our senses. And the ones they like to use the most are the ones that will get your attention. In spirit, it does take some practice. The number one easiest for at their disposal is manipulating electrical current. A spirit can cause electrical items to go on and off by themselves. A light flickering, a tv changing channels; playing a song on the radio. We have even seen it where something will be completely unplugged from an outlet, and it comes on. Now, that one might frighten a few people. One of the biggest reasons people become unnerved by spirit interaction is because of the way it is displayed in “entertainment”. I mean for the most part, in movies or tv shows, they depict them as angry or wanting to do harm, to pay someone back. The instances where this is the case is far more rare than it has ever been depicted in shows. I’m not saying never, but I’m saying rare.

Let’s say you had a grandpa who smoked a pipe, and it was cherry tobacco, well, he may make you smell that pipe when there is absolutely no one else around that’s doing that. Or cigarette smoke, or a perfume or cologne that is specific to that person. A smell from something cooking. I remember once I was home alone, my husband had gotten up and gone to work. Well, it’s like 4 a.m., and I’m smelling a good ole country breakfast cooking, bacon, biscuits, and the works. I get up and go downstairs to see what’s going on, and no one was home, and my husband hadn’t even made coffee that morning. So, they even use cooking smells. Now, as a medium, I’ve even had the experience of tasting certain things, when doing a reading for someone. That’s not always fun, if you don’t like certain foods.

Back to the electrical current, there was once when I’m lying in bed and it’s pitch dark in the room and the overhead light came on. I started to get up to turn it off, and when I put my feet on the floor, the light went back off. Because I’m a medium, and this was early on in these types of experiences, I shared everything with my husband. He’s always been very supportive, and never thought I was just making it up, or losing my mind. Well, maybe he thought I was losing my mind, but never said so.. Just kidding. The very next night at around midnight we are laying in the bed and the light comes on again. He was half asleep, you know that state where you are almost completely out, but would notice a light coming on in a pitch dark room. He says, why did you turn the light on? I said, I haven’t moved. So, it’s his turn to get up and turn the light off, feet hit the floor and like clockwork, the light goes back off. “See, I told you.”

Through the years we have dealt with a lot of paranormal activity of this nature. I have set boundaries, so as not to be overwhelmed by it all. And anyone that has lived in our home, be it a child, or a friend visiting, just has to adjust. It’s the nature of my work, so we have spirits coming and going all the time.

I always tell people you can set boundaries, and you have a right to declare those boundaries and have them respected. In my years of dealing with spirit, I’ve only encountered a few things that made me uncomfortable. The very first time was before I even really knew I was a medium. We had gone to Harper’s Ferry, and when driving home ended going through Burkittsvile, Maryland where The Blair Witch Project had been filmed. It was again in the middle of the night, and I felt the temperature of the room drop to what felt like 30 degrees. It was cold and there was a breeze. I opened my eyes to see a parade of spirits going through the room. It just felt uncomfortable to me. I intuitively knew to declare, “This house is protected by the White Light of Christ, and every one in it is protected. You are not welcome here, and you must leave.” They left as quickly as they came and the temperature normalized. Never fear spirit. Without a physical body, what they can do is limited, and if they are un-evolved, they have a tendency to feed on negative emotions, be that fear, anger, worry, or hatred. It’s like giving them a shot of adrenaline.

For the most part when spirit shows up, it’s because they have a connection with you, someone in the house, the house, or even a piece of furniture or used clothing. So, be mindful of that when shopping for antiques, or used clothing. You should clear the energy if you purchases things like that. This can be done with white sage.

Our loved ones like to play music for us. Let’s say you’re listening to a radio station that play top 40 songs, and now all of the sudden they play something from the ’60s that was a favorite song of a loved one, and that person is the first thing pops into your mind. Then that song is from them. While you may not be able to hear their thoughts, consciously, they can hear yours when you are thinking of them. You can acknowledge them through thought or speaking out loud to them. And I’ve had people ask, by speaking to them, am I keeping them from moving on. Well, as much power as we do have, that is not one of them. You cannot keep a loved from moving on.

Spirit likes to use the animal kingdom as well to get our attention. A favorite is butterflies, dragonflies, and birds. But let’s say your loved one liked snakes, you may even have a snake show up for you. Don’t worry they’re not going to send you a poisonous one.

People think when they have a dream about a loved one, it’s just a dream. Well, I can tell you they really like to visit in dreams because that’s the time when our logical mind is shut down, and they can get through to us easiest. So, if you have loved ones showing up in your dreams, remember, that’s not just a dream, it’s a visit. I’ve had a number of people tell me they tell the loved one, but you died. Actually, the only thing that died is the body, not the person. That’s the eternal part, the spirit, the immortal part of us all that does on.

Signs come in many forms, and if you are paying attention you will get those signs whether you are awake or asleep.

I hope you enjoyed this particular entry. If you’d like to set up a reading to get clarity in a life situation, or to connect with a loved one in spirit you can call or text 914 620 5776, or email my assistant pam@heavencallingearth.com Be sure to visit our other pages at www.heavencallingearth.com

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