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Sep 16

Are Negative E.T.s Causing The Evil in Our World?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Many people have come to realization that our World/Universe is also inhabited by not only humans but other “Energies” or Extra Terrestrials, and would like to know if the negative, or evil things going on here are being caused or created by Negative Extra Terrestrials. The short answer to this is yes and no. Confusing, isn’t it.

Well, I need to start with a bit of an explanation to this confusing answer. First, we live in a world/earth, that is a Universe of duality. What is duality? It means that for every “thing” there are two sides, or equal opposites. In other words, to use words, there are two sides to every coin. If you have good, then there must be evil; for light there must be dark. If you have hot, then you must have cold. For every word, being, or energy there are equal opposites. This world of duality is used as a school or training ground.

We are in a time where it has been prophesied that ascension is happening to the inhabitants of the Earth, as well as the Earth itself. Ascension means moving to a higher level. The Earth herself is moving to a “higher position”. Now, these prophecies have been told in many forms, be it in the bible, Native American Legends, by the Mayans, and that’s just to name a few. Whether you believe in them or not, is entirely up to you. And this is one area of whether you believe it or not has no impact at all on it coming to fruition. However, BELIEF does play a major role in how we experience things that go on in our every day life.

You’re probably asking about now, what does any of this have to do with the question of whether or no Negative ETs are creating the evil that we are experiencing right now. And that’s a really simple question to answer; what we BELIEVE becomes our Reality. So, we must start with do you believe in extra terrestrials to begin with. There are people who don’t believe they even exist, so for them, the answer is no, they are not causing the evil. Individuals who believe in demons think this is where the evil is coming from.

Here’s the way I like to explain to people about BELIEF. Our thoughts become our beliefs, our beliefs become our words, and our words become our reality. At this point in our world is a really good time to take inventory of what your beliefs are, and ask yourself how to came to those beliefs. A really good example of this would be the spirits of people that have crossed over from the physical plane and into the spirit plane, astral or heavenly existence. All three of these planes if you will are one and the same, and it’s a matter of what your belief is, as to what you would consider it. Now, how did we come up with the beliefs of which one is accurate? Is through our religion, is through experience of having spirit come to us, or how about that rectangular box we use for entertainment (tv). Yes, this is has an impact on our beliefs, even though it’s a subliminal one. Most don’t realize the total impact the things we are exposed to on tv or the movies impact our beliefs, or what plays out in our lives. Once you become aware you can then manage the impact.

We don’t all believe the same things, but we do have something called mass consciousness. And that is when a large number of people believe the same type of thing, or very similar. In the bible is says that God created man in his image. Now people don’t always give a lot of thought to this, as the general consensus, without really thinking it through is that means that God is a man with two arms, two legs, and a body similar to that of “man”. Really, this is “man” creating God in his image, not the other way around. What my belief is, and I have come to this through experiences, that what is truly meant by that statement is that we are co-creators with God. For instance, when he said, Let there be Light and there was Light. He was creating by his Word. “And the word was God.” God is speaking things into existence. In coming into the earth school, we agreed to experience an amnesia of sorts. God created us as perfect being. But he also said, know thyself. And in order to know thyself, we wanted to experience everything. To experience everything that we are capable of, we needed to “not know” some of what we know. And that is where the veil comes in, we are veiled from what we capable of through the amnesia of sorts. Can we remember? In this time that’s exactly what’s we are being pushed to do. Not find out who and what we are, but Remember who and what we are.

And on this subject that are many beliefs. Earth is a prison planet, completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Adam and Eve sinned, and therefore we were punished, and been given the ability to redeem ourselves through belief in Christ dying on the cross for our sins. Theres the fallen angel belief, and then there’s the one that there was a war in galaxy as to who was going to control earth and get it’s resources.

I think you probably have a really good foundation now for why beliefs play into whether or not negative ETs are causing the evil in the world. At this point I’d like to share with you what my “belief” is in this regard. You are free to choose your own, but I encourage you to really examine all of your beliefs, hang on to the ones that serve your, discard the ones that don’t, and maybe adjust a few to see where it takes you.

Personally, and within my experiences of my lifetime has made me come to the belief that Earth is school. We are here by choice, not by force. Before we incarnate into a body we sit down with a “guidance counselor”, or spirit guide, and decide what lessons we want to attempt to learn. And I say attempt, because doing so without the remembering that’s what we actually came here to do, can make it difficult to learn the lessons. I have found that now looking at things as though any negative experience that shows up is doing so because of my pre-incarnate plan to learn these lessons. Knowing that these negative things are a catalyst to help me learn the lesson, has made things so much easier. When I was operating from a position of not knowing, or believing this way, it made the lesson harder or impossible to learn. I can tell you, I had to go through several lessons more than once, in order to get it. Once my “memory” kicked in and I knew these were about lessons, they went a whole lot faster and easier.

Now, keep in mind, we have agreements, or contracts with other souls to participate with each other on the attempted lessons. And if we pass the class, so speak, then we don’t repeat it over and over again. If we don’t get the lesson, then things, people, experiences will continue to show up for us until we do actually learn it. Every one living on this planet right now has chosen to be here during this time because of possibility of clearing a great deal of lessons, and karma in a much shorter span, that would usually take many lifetimes. It is the greatest time to be on earth, and yet it can be the most difficult as well.

My belief about the negative ETs is not that they are causing or creating the evil that is going on in the world. But that un-evolved humans are the ones creating, or causing the evil. And in reality, there is no real evil, there is only ignorance. Ignorance to the fact that you can polarize negative or positive. Those that polarize negative create and perpetuate the evil. They may believe they are being influenced by evil, but again, that falls back on “belief”. We make choices every single day, thousands of choices. Choose to believe what you will, but know that that is also a choice. Some of you will remember Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his book The Power of Positive Thinking. This book alone had untold impact on a great many people, and still does to this day.

Be aware that there are un-evolved people who wish to control and manipulate the population of this planet, and they do so through FEAR. At least here in America, we are spoon fed FEAR on a daily basis, through the news, the “entertainment” that you don’t even know is leaving an imprint on your psyche. We are told every day we need to fear this that or the other thing. And we are bombarded with it in every aspect of our lives. While we cannot change the agenda that is out there with these un-evolved people that do have a lot of money, power, and knowledge at their disposal, we can change our we react to those things, by extracting ourselves from it. Turn off the new, don’t read it, believe me, what you need to know, you will know it. Be aware that watching violence over and over again does impact. I’m not saying never watch these things, I’m saying be aware. Awareness is key to your growth and taking away the power that they have by owning your own Power.

We were created in God’s image. And we have the ability to create the reality we so choose. FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real, FAITH is Finding Answers In The Heart. Listen to your heart, follow your heart in your beliefs. Know that we immortal, creative, POWERFUL beings that God created to experience and create with him. Once you remember who and what you really are, the Power you can own is untold. You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, that which we put energy into is that which we attract.

No Negative ETs, if you believe in them, only have the power you give them by believing in them, and thereby giving them your power. Take your POWER back and know that the only evil there is that which is created by un-evolved people because they have a greed for Power. And they want your power, and they can only have it, if you allow it through FEAR. Examine your fears, and know that you can transcend them.

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