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Feb 08

Psychic Medium readings, in person or phone reading?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Hello friends.  It’s been a while since the last posting. These last few months have been very busy getting a place set up on the west coast.  We are now officially bi-coastal.  It’s interesting to see the differences in they way people think, and do things.  I’ve been getting a number of calls for clients who would like to have a reading, but they weren’t sure about having it over the phone.  So today I’m going to explain why a phone reading is a good way to have session.

According to what I’ve experienced and been shown through meditation, and in doing the readings for clients each of us has a team.  That team consists of guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones and or friends that have crossed over (died on earth).  Our team attempts to help and guide each of us toward our highest and best good.  Members of the team are not allowed to intercede in our behalf unless we ask them to.  When we pray that is a form of asking for that help.

When I do readings, the first thing I do is a meditation for the day.  Some information comes to me during that meditation.  The rest of the information to be shared is given during or at the time of the reading.  All of my senses are used.  Which senses are used depends on the energy/soul that is conveying the message.  When that communication is going on, be it meditation, or by virtue of being open to receive the information we are crossing dimensions.  In so doing, it is not necessary that we be in the same room, same building or office.  They don’t care if the person the reading is present with me, or half the world away, they give me the same messages.

I’ve been asked if you get a better reading if it is in person versus being a phone reading.  The answer to this question is that it makes no difference.  Having the session in person is merely a personal preference for the individual having the reading.  About 80% of the readings that I do are phone readings, in person readings are about 20%.  So rest assured that if you want to have a reading, and you are not in the area of where I am physically, you can still have that done.

Now there is something that can make a difference, at least for me, in what kind of results you can get in the reading, and that is you must truly be open.  By that I mean, not angry, or holding back, or intentionally blocking.  In a reading, whether it is in person or phone, I am given signs, shown things, hear something, taste, or feel.  As I am receiving these types of signs I convey them to the person having the reading.  After I say something that I’ve been given or shown, I ask the question, “does this make sense to you?”  The only answer I want is yes it makes sense, or no it doesn’t.  The reason for asking the question is because I need to be sure I am interpreting what is being given.  If it makes sense we keep going with new and more information, and each time asking the same question.  If it does not make sense then I ask the spirit realm for clarification.  One of two things happens here, they keep pushing the way I’ve interpreted it, or I get something else that will help connect it.  So this type of feedback is needed.  And if the person having the reading is intentionally giving false answers (yes, when they don’t connect it, or no, when they do know what I’m giving them) this will block a successful reading.  For what purpose someone would do this, I can’t say I understand it, but having experienced, I know that it does happen.  When someone does that it is a waste of their money and my time.  I’m truly in this to help people heal from loss, and the pain associated with it, as well help with guidance on how to best deal with life lessons, or situations that they are experiencing.

I bring up that part of it because I actually experienced both of those things recently.  The first one was a young lady who had booked a 45 minute session.  As I started the session with the client I sensed that she was apprehensive.  In giving her information and then asking, does this make sense to you, she would say no.  Each and every time I asked her that I got the same answer, so 15 minutes into the session I explained to her that this was not going to benefit either one of us and I terminated the session.  After terminating the session I issued a refund.  The second young lady had inquired about a reading through an email, and she explained how angry she was,  angry with God, and angry with the world.  Against my own guidance, and I know you’re sitting there thinking, why would you go against your own guidance? Other than wanting to help this young lady with her pain is the only answer I can give you as to why, but my guidance told me not to do a reading for her, because she was not in the right place emotionally for this to be successful.  And I got the message myself that by not listening to my guidance, the reading didn’t result in a positive outcome.  I was giving her information as I got it, and she kept saying, if you can believe this, yes, or it could be, needless to say, giving false positives didn’t help further her desire for concrete proof that there is an afterlife.  Session ended 15 minutes into the one hour time, and again I refunded, because my desire is to help people, not do harm.  Both of these decided they would write a review which was hurtful and upsetting.  While I know it was done out of their own pain, it still hurt me and upset me.  If I was trying to scam or defraud them I would not have refunded their money.  My desire and mission is to help as many people as I can, both in connecting with loved ones, and in dealing with life situations.  And I must say that for the time I have been doing this, both before I started doing it full time, and since then, the overwhelming majority of my clients have been pleased.  I cannot let a few sour grapes to sour the whole bottle of wine, so to speak.

So for now, I will leave you with the idea that you can have either a phone reading or an in person reading and they can both be successful forms of having an appointment with a qualified psychic, or psychic medium.  But remember you must be open and part of that success by responding truthfully about whether or not the signs relayed make sense to you or not.    Feel free to check out my website at, or if you have questions that are not answered here or on the site give me a call and we can help you get the answers you need.

I’m sending you love and light until next time.