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Jul 23

When to Have a Reading

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

  To have a reading or not to have a reading.  Some are not sure if they want  a reading, or even if it will help.  Then there are those who would like to, but it goes against their religious beliefs, and they’re not quite sure if they will end up in hell if they do.  Let me state outright, my purpose is not to put anyone’s religion down.  We all have the right to believe what we choose, and should be able to do that without anyone judging it.  I would like to state that my personal belief is that all religions have a foundation in truth.  Not only do they all have a foundation in truth, but rooted in love, compassion and understanding.  Through years of man’s interpretations those foundations have drastically changed.  It’s kind of like reading a book, and telling someone what you think the author meant when he wrote it.  If you ask ten different people, you are likely to get different interpretations.  So, on the aspect as it applies to having a reading because of what your religious views are, I say, if it feels right to you, then have one.  I can assure you that there is no punishment for having a session.  You won’t be arrested, no ads in the newspaper are taken out to let others know you have done it.

  Now, I would like to address timing of having a reading.  If you have lost a loved one, and you are hoping to connect with them there is no specific amount of time that must be waited out before you can have a session, or that you will be able to get through to them.  As for the timing on your end is another factor to be considered.  When someone passes people are in a great deal of pain from the loss, and very emotional.  This is normal and won’t hinder the contact, but you may have a better experience if you wait a little bit until you have time to adjust per se.  Not that we ever adjust to being without someone we love and care about, but the emotions will calm down.  This is a very personal thing, and for each individual it may be different.  My opinion on this is to go when it feels right to you.  I have souls come through to me right after having left this dimension, before there has even been a memorial service.  Whether you decide to have a reading right after, or wait a period of time, a session with a good medium usually brings through some very comforting information.

  How about if you are going through a life situation, such as a financial situation, or the break up of a relationship, or you are having a medical issue?  Is this a good time to have a reading?  The answer to that question purely depends on whether or not you do your research and find a reputable genuine psychic to do the reading for you.  All too often people don’t do enough research and end up having a session with a charlatan or a scammer.  When you are going through a situation like any of the ones I have mentioned, you are vulnerable.  The charlatan can smell it, and they will use it to their advantage.  They can end up doing more harm than good in these cases.  If you have gotten a referral from a friend, or you have researched, a reading can be very helpful.  Read my previous blog about signs that you are being scammed.  When you have a session with a reputable psychic, or psychic medium he or she can help you quite a bit.  But rest assured a genuine psychic, or psychic medium will never try to make you dependent on them.  They never tell you must return to them, or that you should buy some expensive item to get rid of whatever is going on.  A suggestion may be made about doing meditation, or attending a workshop.  Or you may even be referred to someone who does genuine healing work.

  All in all, whatever the reason for having a reading, be it to speak with a loved one who had died on the earthly plane, or any type of life situation, the most important aspect is doing your research, or get a good referral from someone you trust.  Psychic readings and or psychic medium readings are very helpful in many different ways to many people.  Only you know if the time is right for you.  There is no specific time that is better than another to have a reading.  The most important part is getting someone to do your reading that is working in the light, and only has your best interest at heart.