Pam Jenkins is a very gifted intuitive! She has spontaneously given readings to people in my Radiant Heart Healing workshops and she has been right on! Pam has a direct line to Spirit and her words are filled with love and caring. I heartily recommend having a session with Pam.

- Dr. Sharon J. Wendt, Director of Radiant Heart Healing Institute

I connected Pam after a co-worker had been to one of her readings in one of our local bookstores. I was going through some things at the time that I needed peace and answers on rather I wanted to hear them or not. The reading was so right on the mark it was simply amazing! Not only was Pam able to tune right in to the situation at hand but several family members that had passed over came through in our session as well and to hear the things they wanted me to know was amazing only a person with a true gift would have been able to have provided that. I have had a couple of readings with Pam since then and every one of them has been able to provide me with the peace I needed and the ability to deal with the situations at hand.

Pam is most blessed with gifts to be able to help people come to terms with things and situations within their lives. Pam is one truly caring and motivational individual and all that would and do come in connect with her there lives are truly enriched by it.

-Michele Miller

The Group Reading that Pam conducted in our store was a huge success! She was able to reconnect attendees with loved ones who had crossed over, and provide comfort and reassurance that although they have passed from this dimension, that they are not gone forever -- they are still, and always will be with you. We were so thrilled with the turnout for this event, that we've asked her to return for an encore reading at our store, as well as, in other Borders locations. Pam has also proved to be extremely insightful during my own personal readings.

- Chaz Foy, Sales Manager at Borders Books, Music, Movies and Cafe

In February 2008 my husband and I went to one of Pam's group readings at a local bookstore. We were one of the fortunate ones that had a message! It was very comforting to be able to receive this communication from our son through Pam. My husband was somewhat skeptical at first, but once he heard what she had to say and I told him that it confirmed a message I had from another medium, he was convinced that Pam really had been in contact with our son. I later had a private reading with Pam that was very informative, accurate, and helpful. We are grateful that there is someone with this ability in our area. Pam helps confirm that love never ends.

- Claire Ann Stevenson

This is Scott Cluthe, host of Positively Incorrect! Radio on Blog Talk Radio. I have known Pam Jenkins for many years, and worked with her on air on Sirius Satellite Radio also. She is: Gifted,Sincere, Intuitive and Straight forward!. She does not sugar coat her psychic impressions and advice. If you are looking for a talented Intuitive who you can trust, call or connect to Pam Jenkins!

- Scott Cluthe

I have known Pam for almost 4 years now and her abilities never cease to amaze me! I have seen her action too many times to count and have found her advice invaluable. My father passed away in December 2008 and Pam helped me through that difficult time reassuring me that my father was ready to go and there were others waiting for him on the other side to lead him home. She has identified spirits of family members visiting my home. The most memorable experience I can think of is when she burned her hand. She had a 3rd degree burn on her hand and I recommended that she go to the doctor to have it seen (I am a nurse). It was clearly going to scar unless she received some medical attention. Well that night she was visited by angels who healed her hand. If I had not just seen her burned hand the day before I would not have been able to appreciate the difference. It was absolutely miraculous! I am getting chills just writing about it.

- Jennifer Brothers

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