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Mar 24

Answers About The Afterlife: Discussion One

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

After a great deal of thought on how to handle our discussion about Bob Olson’s book, Answers About the Afterlife, I thought it best to do it through a blog and a link to Facebook for the Heaven Calling Earth fan page.  We are going to test this out and see if it works in the way we want it to.

Introduction, Also titled The Foundation of This Book.  Everything we do in life has to have a foundation.  The foundation is the groundwork for how we are going to view anything in life.  It’s not only just what we experience in the moment that determines our view or outlook, it’s the sum total of our those experiences that bring us to the conclusions we draw.  So with that said, let’s discuss Bob’s foundation for the book.

Bob Olson was a private investigator before he became an Afterlife Investigator.  Well, I would say that gives him some qualifications for investigating. And as he mentions in his first paragraph, “none of us have all the answers”.  The fact that we have some of the answers is a blessing in and of itself.  Then we have the statement that what we have is “true, but not accurate.”  I’ve never heard it put quite that way, but it makes sense. The way I’ve often explained this is that our truth starts as a small seed, which turns into a stem, which can turn into a bloom, which then grows and expands.  Our truth, or the truth about the afterlife can only be understood based on what we have as that foundation, which is oftentimes our own experiences.  Some are willing to accept other people’s experiences as part of their own truth.  And there are some individuals who will not even accept their own firsthand encounters as true.  They are not healthy skeptics, they are cynics.  “True, but not accurate” is based on our own human understanding, which can differ very much from what goes on in the spirit realm.  Physical versus spiritual realm can be the same but very different at the same time.

We are going through vibrational shift right now and the veil between us and the spirit realm is getting thinner and thinner. You might say we are bumping up against each other, like a parallel dimension. As the veil thins more and more people are seeing these parallel dimensions.  There are lower level dimensions and higher ones than we are.  The lower ones have a lower “frequency” if you will and the higher ones, of course, are a higher “frequency”. Lower ones are fueled and ruled by lower energies, anger, hatred, violence, addictions, fear.  The higher dimensions are the exact opposite, they have love, compassion, empathy and the like.  Our dimension houses both, so to speak.  We are in a time when we can choose to go to the higher level, stay where we are, or down. It’s a personal choice.

As an investigator Bob decided he wanted to find out all he could about the afterlife and those who claimed to be able to communicate with people that were in the afterlife.  He has vetted, tested and tried psychics, psychic mediums, animal communicators, channelers, and every possibly type of reader that there is.  After doing so, I would say that as in court, with this much experience, he would be considered and qualified as an expert on the subject matter.

There are so many aspects of the afterlife that he became familiar with.  Here we just thought, okay, you die and you go to heaven or hell.  Well, it’s just not that simple.  He has quite aptly laid twenty-two different ways and things to be understood about the spirit realm. I’ve personally had experience with a number of theses things and I look forward to discuss them with you throughout the journey through this book.

If you have questions or thoughts about this section of the book, please post here, or on the Facebook page.