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Jul 28

Questions Asked of Psychic Medium Pam Jenkins

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Well, it’s been while since we last blogged.  Lots has of things have been happening and many are searching for answers.  In this entry I’ve decided to answer a few questions that seem to be of interest to a number of people.  I want to preface this with saying these answers are based on what I’ve been shown, what I’ve been told, and my feelings that are combined with those things.  In no way do I ever want anyone to feel that I think I have all the answers.  It is my humble opinion that not one of us has all the answers.  Each of us is shown a piece of the puzzle, and that piece is taken into what our experiences are.  I read a book once that talked about when we are young our truth is like a seed that has been planted, and not yet sprouted, as we grow physically, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually that truth grows and expands much like a flower.  That flower cannot reach the peak of it’s bloom until we have left this earth and then have the total picture.  So as much as I share here in the answers to these questions that have been posed to me, please understand, I want you to take what resonates with you, and just throw the rest back.  When a truth vibrates with you and then you understand it to be your truth, then you know it.  When it doesn’t, then it is not your truth.  So these answers are my truth as I know it.

The first question that has been asked, and I have had this come up many times in many readings, Do our pets go to heaven?  Our pets are living breathing beings, they have souls, just as we do. When they die here on earth, they too, go into the heavenly realm.  They interact with us in heaven, and they try to bring messages through for us that they have left behind, as much as any human does.  They know we mourn their loss, and know that we grieve.  They don’t speak when giving messages anymore than they speak human language here, but they bring through their personalities, they show things they have done here. Also there are psychics who specialize in animal communication, but they also come through to psychics and psychic mediums who do not specialize in it.  We have come to realize that our domesticated animals get the same illnesses that humans do.  They get cancer, heart disease, arthritis, leukemia, glaucoma, cataracts, and the like.  And these are just a few of the things that our animals can get.  They get these diseases much in the same ways that we do.  Any being that can suffer can also feel joy.  I’ve been shown any number of times an animal coming through for someone who is missing their companion.  No matter what the pet is, if you have loved it and cared for it, you will be able to be reunited in heaven, just as you can be with the humans family and friends that have gone there before you.  So if you have a reading and the psychic is bringing through one of your pets, listen and see if that loving personality isn’t coming through to show you, yes, animals go to heaven, too.

     And now to the question of, Do people who commit suicide go to heaven?  There here we embark on a controversial subject. It has been taught that when people commit suicide they have sinned against God, and therefore will go straight to hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  This is in complete contrast to what I’ve seen and been shown through the years in doing psychic medium readings for people who are survivors of suicide.  I’ve been shown repeatedly that they have two very specific “jobs” they do once they transition and get acclimated to the spirit realm.  When someone commits suicide they break a contract in life, but they haven’t made it so they are going to a place of forever damnation.  First they are greeted by what I will call the “welcoming committee”.  This doesn’t mean they have a big arrival party, because as you can imagine if someone has committed suicide they are in a great deal of pain to begin with, they are already in a very dark place.  It take a bit of time to adjust, if you will.  Upon arrival rest is given. Once that rest period is over they walk through a life review of sorts, looking at what caused the pain to be so severe that they just didn’t see any other way out.  And being at a different level of view, let’s call it a 360 degree view versus 180, they can see all around it, they can now see there were other choices that could have been made to make what was being experienced a much different outcome.

     After this review, there are two primary jobs that they prepare for.  Each of these two jobs is experienced by people that commit suicide.  There is the job of being part of the welcoming team, or transition team for people that commit suicide.  In other words, just like they were greeted when they first arrived, they become greeters of others that have done the same thing, taking their own life, or are in some way responsible for their own death.  The job, which is somewhat more difficult, is to act as spirit guides for people that are contemplating suicide.  Sometimes these guides are able to get through to someone who is considering suicide, and of course, other times they are not.  The times they are not able to get through to try and talk the person out of it is because the person is in such pain and anguish that they cannot hear, or feel the guide that is trying to get through.  When people commit suicide they have often been battling with depression.  Depression is a very dark hole that is real to the person experiencing it, and it’s very difficult to hear people that are alive and speaking to them, let alone being able to tune in and hear a spirit guide trying to stop them.  But there are times when the spirit guide is so strong they are successful, and that is sometimes accomplished by working with someone else that is involved in the person’s life and can be guided to help them.  So, I will end this answer with saying, please understand that while they are not condemned to damnation, there is special work for them to do before they choose whether or not to incarnate on earth again to work through whatever broken contract they left unfinished.

     The next question I have been asked to address is, Do children grow up in heaven when they have passed as either a baby or a small child?  I can’t say that I have a conclusive answer on this, but what when a child or baby comes to comfort that parent, they will show themselves so that the parent will recognize them, but at the same time it’s a matter of the age of the soul, not the age of the child when they passed.  So they are able to bring things through for the person when have a psychic medium reading that will let the grieving parent know that they are okay, and that they came here for a specific purpose and that they accomplished that purpose in the short time that they lived.  While that doesn’t take away the pain of the loss, it certainly can and does help heal some of it.  And again, know that you will again get to be with that soul, with that child, and you will see and know them.  It’s a knowing on a soul level.  A reference that I have been given to use to put it in terms that we can understand, would be to watch the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.  Of course, there is the Hollywood aspect in the movie, but I’ve been told that this is a depiction that can help us understand how we will recognize those souls when we reach the spirit realm.
     So,  Do they miss us as much as we miss them?  Missing would be considered a negative emotion, and there are no negative emotions in the heavenly spirit realm.  The missing is on our part from the loss of that loved one that we so enjoyed their company, their time with us.  We miss being able to hear their voice, see their face, smell their scent.  There is no pain there, and missing is a sort of pain.  Our loved ones do try to comfort us by letting us know that they are still around.  If there has been a break in the relationship, or if some wrong has not been corrected or apologized in life, I have had a spirit come through to try to apologize or ask forgiveness for their part in it.  When forgiveness is given it heals not only them, but the person here.  That’s not always something that the person here is ready to do, and it’s in the timing of the person here, because the soul in spirit is usually ready to apologize.  They can see things from a perspective that they were unable to embrace while they were here on earth.   While they may not deserve forgiveness, that forgiveness gives the person here peace and solace, and helps to heal so that the cycle does not continue.

  And people want to know, When we communicate with our loved ones in spirit, are we keeping them from something?  We know things in linear time here on earth, and there is no such thing as linear time in the spirit realm.  Things are instantaneous and constant in the spirit realm.  In a moment they can be with us, and a moment later doing whatever work they need to do there in that realm.  Much like we have a life here, there is life there.  It’s just not bogged down with the need for finances and other such trivial stuff.  It’s truly about growth there, and it’s solely about the soul, pun intended.  There’s no way we can keep a soul from doing what they are needing to do. So worry not about your communication keeping them from being where they need to be, or doing what they need to do.  If they are communicating with you, or visiting with you, that’s what they need to be doing in that moment.

     I thank you for reading the blog by a psychic medium who knows she doesn’t have all the answers, but feels blessed to believe she has some of the answers that help people.  Take the answers that help you, and the ones that don’t make sense to you, just throw them back.  I hope this blog helps you, and helps you heal any pain that you may be feeling from the loss of a loved one.  Know that they are not missing the events in your life, they can see all, and know all that you are experiencing.  If you have other questions you would like me to address in the blog in the future, please send an email to  Take time to stop by the website,  For now, I send to each of you Universal Love and