Growing up Psychic

Having communication with the Other Side is not a strange occurrence for my family. While having these gifts when I was growing up it was not called being a psychic or a psychic medium.

Both of my grandparents were gifted as well. As a child, I would express things that were to come, or tell what I was seeing, and no one ever thought anything of it. It was just kind of brushed to the side as a child with a wild imagination.

As a young adult I realized it was far more than my imagination. I associated it with God guiding me and talking to me. But I did find out in my early adult life that God didn’t speak to everyone in this way. Not everyone saw things, or heard them as clearly as I do.

I wanted to understand all the things that were happening to me so I started researching. I read everything I could get my hands on pertinent to the subject. This is when I realized that I was able to do psychic readings as well as psychic medium readings.

After reading everything I then started to search for workshops to attend in person to be able to control what was going on.

I’ve attended workshops with Dr. Sharon Wendt of Radiant Heart Healing. I have attended over 100 hours of study at the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies.

Upon completion of these studies I have been able to gain control over my abilities and use them to fullest and greatest good.

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