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Nov 30

Angels At Our Side

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     Hello friends.  It’s been a while since our last post.  Many things have been going on, and lots to share.  While contemplating what to write about, and I often ask friends and fans what they would like to read about, a young friend, (first grader), actually suggested that I write about angels.  I’m sure her suggestion was a born out of the fact that we had recently had a discussion because she was frightened to sleep in her own bed.  When I asked her why she was afraid, she promptly declared there’s a witch at my window and a monster in my closet.  I don’t want to be in there with them.  They scare me.  

     I can remember a time when I would have been frightened of the same types of things.  In fact, I know adults that are frightened of “paranormal activity” around them.  For the most part, this kind of activity around a person or a home is harmless.  The spirit realm is merely co-existing in the same space, but a different dimension.  There recently has been an upswing in the amount of noticed activity.  It’s not that the activity has become more, it’s the fact that more of it is noticed.  Why is being noticed now?  The answer to that is because the “veil”, if you will, between the two dimensions is getting thinner.
    It has been my experience and what I’ve been shown through the years of being a psychic medium that each of us has a team that is with us, and helps us through our human lifetime.  This team consists of guardian angels, spirit guides, and our loved ones that have crossed into the heavenly dimension.  I’ve been asked if those that have crossed into that dimension are somehow stuck in between because they are helping us.  The answer to that is no they are not stuck.  However, there are spirits that at the time of crossing did not go into the light, and they are stuck.  There’s a big difference.  And for the most part those spirits are harmless, and while they sometimes engage in mischievous activity, they don’t mean to scare anyone.
     Now, I want to go back to my little friend, Ruby, and her problem with the witch and the monster.  I gave Ruby a crystal for her protection, and told her that she could call on the Archangel Michael, the protector angel.  Archangel Michael is known for being the angel of protection.  Most often when you look up pictures of him you find ones with him holding a sword and shield, hence the protection from anything and everything.  Ruby was quite happy to know that she could personally call an Archangel to help her with this witch that seemed to be hanging out at her window, and the monster in her closet.  After a search on the Internet and showing her several images of the Archangel Michael, she promptly chose one that met with her liking.  The image that she chose was one not with a sword or a shield, but one that was much more gentle and loving in appearance.  Each of us has images that we are drawn to, and comfortable with.  It was not at all surprising to me that my six year old friend would be drawn to one who had such gentle appearance, while most adults would choose one with the sword and shield.
     There are people who might say, or wonder, well if he is protecting someone over here, how can I call on him and still have him help me.  Well, angels like God can multi-task.  We get stuck in our thinking of this third dimension, and truth be told, the dimension that angels exist in and that God does is not limited by the same constraints we are.  They are omni-present, in other words, they can be present in multiple places at one time, helping multiple people at one time.  We try to put our earthly limits on God and angels, and even our loved ones that have crossed over.  The limits are only present in our own minds.  We are capable of so much more than we realize, but the limits we put on ourselves stop those possibilities.
    So far we have only talked about the Archangel Michael.  I’d like to give a more detailed description of he represents.  Michael is the arch angel whose name means he is representative of God.  He is the protector angel. Along with being the protector, he can heal nervousness, and can clear out fear.
     For each area of our life and the earth’s there is an archangel that covers that area.  You can say that they are God’s helpers.  The next Archangel I’d like to address is Ariel, her name means Lioness of God.  She is considered the angel of animals.  She helps to heal them and the environment.  So if you have a pet that is sick or you environment is in need of healing, call on Ariel, this is her primary function.  Whether your pet is suffering from an illness or getting to cross into heaven, you can ask Ariel to help, she gladly steps forward to help.
     The Archangel Uriel helps us to heal resentment and to be forgiving.  If you are struggling with these areas of your life, ask Uriel to present himself in your life and take away the resentment.  He can help you to forgive and to be forgiven.
    Raphael is the healing angel.  Whether you are in need of physical or emotional healing Raphael can direct you on that path.  He is also known to guide healers.  His name means “he who heals.”  No matter what your illness is, Raphael can help you on each level.
    Most of us have heard of the Archangel Gabriel. After all, he is mentioned in the Bible in reference to announcing the birth of Jesus.  His name means, “messenger of God”.  Not surprisingly, he heals women during pregnancy and child birth.  He also has dominions over helping with creative projects.  So whether you are pregnant and suffering from things that only come on during pregnancy, or you are stuck in your creative needs, Gabriel can aide you.
    The angels that I have mentioned here are only a few of the archangels that we can call upon to help us and guide us, there are many more.  The power you can call into your life by calling on these angels for help and guidance is unlimited.  Remember, if you are struggling with any part of your life, you can call on your team for guidance and assistance.  Just like six year old, Ruby, who was able to call on the Archangel Michael and go back to sleeping in her bed, you too, have access to these angels for your help and guidance.  The angels are only piece of your team that work at helping you in your earthly life lessons, they are indeed a powerful part of that team.  That power is there for you to call upon, and claim.  It is your God-given birthright.  So use it as much and as often as you like.    Until next time, I send you love and light.
   Remember, if you’ve lost a loved one that now resides in the heavenly spirit dimensions, or if you have a life lesson you need clarity in, and would like to set an appointment for a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading, go to or email  Blessings to you and your loved ones on earth and in heaven.