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May 19

Navigating The Vibrational Shift and Spiritual Awakening

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

It’s been a while, a long while since my last post. The biggest reason for this is like everyone else on this planet, I’ve been going through this Vibrational Shift/Spiritual Awakening.  There are many who think that because someone is a psychic or a medium, that we don’t go through the changes and shift like everyone else. I will give you that we don’t all experience the same things, or they don’t all happen at the same time.

Our planet itself is going through this shift, which in turn means every one on it is going to experience that shift, too. Not everyone will experience this shift in the same way. And the reason I wrote Vibrational Shift/Spiritual Awakening in the way that I did, is because some will experience the Vibrational Shift, but having it also include a Spiritual Awakening is optional. There are people who will not choose to experience the Awakening, and yes, that’ is a matter of choice. You see that goes along with the free will God gave us. That free will cannot be interfered with by the Astral levels, other dimensions, Angels, or even by ET’s/Aliens. Now, there are those on this planet who work at getting you give away your free will, by making influencing you through subliminal messages, but that’s a whole other blog issue.  I may touch on it today, but only slightly, as I want this to be about what people are experiencing with the shift.

What is the Vibrational Shift/Spiritual Awakening? The planet and all of the life, plant, animal and humans, living here have an electromagnetic field, or energy within and around them. This Shift has been foretold, prophesied and known about for thousands of years. Where it has gotten tricky has been when people try to get into giving exact timing on it. From what I’ve seen and experienced, the shift was supposed to be complete already, but due to the nature of how things have been here, it is taking a longer than anticipated. In other words, people aren’t Awakening at the level and timing that was thought that we would. For people that do Awaken, they will live in a “New Earth”, if you will. One that is much more pleasant than what we are currently experiencing. For those who “choose” not to Awaken at this time, they will have another opportunity at a later time, but will have to continue to live in what is known as third dimensional density, which includes the extreme duality that we experience now; i.e., good vs evil, light vs dark, right vs wrong.  I could go on, but I believe you get the picture. What is happening is the electromagnetic field is changing, or it might be easier to understand that it’s moving us to a higher frequency. Everything is energy, and everything has a wave or frequency.

With the changes in frequency, our Mother Earth is going through her own shift and cleansing. This is part of the reason we are seeing extreme weather, more earthquakes, and now the volcanos erupting. I say in part, because there is manmade contributions to these phenomena. Fracking into the earth is contributing to several of these things, as well as chemtrails and weather manipulation. First, Mother Earth will survive all that is being done to her, but just like every choice we make there are karmic consequences for doing these things, or participating in them. Those that are doing these things for the purposes of making money, or to manipulate people, or whatever their reasons will have an eventual price to pay for such behavior. And as you will find with any living being, there comes a point when we reach our limit and say enough is enough. Earth is a living breathing being. Earth is a alive. And she’s at that breaking point of enough is enough. As the natives, be it Native Americans, or any other indigenous group will tell you, living in harmony with the Earth is something we should all be doing.  So, we see how Mother Earth is going through her shift and cleansing.

Let’s talk about the people of the earth. Our bodies have electromagnetic energy that makes it function. That energy has been at the same level for over 2000 years. I like to use the example that when at home and we wish to put in a new appliance that runs on a higher voltage, we have an electrician come in and change out a few things, put in a new outlet, and fuse, and we’re good to go with the new appliance.  Of course, with the human body this is not possible. So, the way it’s happening for us, “they”, being the planetary guardians, the one’s let’s say that God has put in charge of watching over this particular shift, are raising the energy, then we have a period of time to adjust and level out. Ground the energy so to speak. Then it starts amping again, and it reaches the peak, then we level out and ground that. And this process has been going on, (in my knowledge and awareness), since at least 2012. I’m not by any means saying that it only started doing this in 2012. That is the time frame in which I became aware of it, and I started experiencing my own “upgrade”. At least since 2012, things have been becoming more and more polarized. One of the reasons for these polarizations is to “help” people wake up. It’s as though we have been in a deep slumber, and it’s time to awaken from that sleep. And we are being given assistance in that. Remember, no one changes or really recognizes much when they are comfortable. So, we are being challenged and shaken up. I would say the alarm clock is going off, and some people are hitting the snooze button over and over again.

How are people experiencing the shift? When the energy amps, and it comes in waves, people may experience different physical symptoms, as well as emotional ones. There are people who will have feelings of impending doom., something bad is going to happen. Some are experiencing very vivid dreams, and there are people who are going through things like symptoms of a heart attack, or stroke. A lot of times it’s just the symptoms, but when they go to the doctor nothing is found to be medically wrong. By all means, if you are having these types of symptoms, get medically cleared, far better to be safe than not and there actually be something wrong. At times when the energy is amping really high, there are lots, and I mean thousands of people, going through sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation at a high enough level will cause an episode that is similar to bipolar disorder, or mental illness, but no actual mental illness is present. There have been a large number of people who have ended up in the emergency room because of this type of thing, and then sent a psychiatric facility and put on psychotropic medicines. Frankly, I don’t know what doctors know and don’t about what is really going on. Like anything, there are some who actually do know what’s going on, but will turn a blind eye and just do things the way they’ve always done them. Then there are those who don’t have a clue. A few years ago, 2014, as my memory serves me, I became aware that there were a large number of kids from the local high school who were going through this type of thing, and there were at least ten that ended up in the psyche ward. When I was speaking to the guidance counselor about it, and I mentioned the ten kids, her jaw dropped, as though she was very surprised I knew that much. She informed me that my number was low. With all the energy that’s amping up, and going in waves, one of the things that adds in a negative way to the experiences is the fact that people are tied to their technology,24/7. This is the equivalent of carrying an antenna on you so it hits you that much harder. We know that kids are constantly on their cell phones. This particular school has satellite dishes on the roof, white boards/smart boards in each classroom, and then the kids have antennas in their pockets, via cell phone. Actually, I’m surprised the numbers aren’t higher for the problems.  Then again, maybe the numbers are higher, but no one is putting it together, or talking about it. I’d like to suggest two very good books about people who have had experiences like this, Detour From Normal by Ken Dickson, and another good one is Am I BiPolar or Waking Up by Sean Blackwell. Both of these men were high functioning adults, with college degrees. Everything in their lives were fine, until it wasn’t….

With the higher vibrations coming in, the veil between here and the spirit realm is thinner than it has ever been. Which means people who have never seen, heard, or experienced any kind of paranormal phenomena are now experiencing it. When this is not something you’ve ever had happen, the immediate thought is, “am I losing my mind”. The short answer is no. The longer answer is, you might feel like you. And most often what I’ve seen is that people are very afraid. They don’t want to be thought of as crazy, no one does really. Most people won’t even tell anyone what they are experiencing out of fear. And let’s not forget the way that spirit is portrayed in movies and tv shows is rarely ever positive. Add to that the fact that most organized religion tells people that spirit contact is evil, and there you have a recipe for the fear that people experience when hearing or seeing things like this. Remember, even if it’s entertainment, it leaves an imprint on your thinking.  People are seeing spirit orbs, some are seeing shadows, and hearing voices. All of this has been a part of my entire life, so it doesn’t scare me, but I know there are people who are very fearful of it. Remember, there’s nothing to be afraid of, everything will be okay in the end, or it’s not the end. I love that quote.

I will be continuing to post now and explaining what is happening with the vibrational shift and here to help people navigate their way through changes.  I’ve mentioned a couple of books to read and I will continue to give you resources that can help you understand what to look for and how to ride the waves of these changes. The point of this shift is to come back to UNITY, to be One with the LOVE and LIGHT, which is the Creator, and God!

For now, I leave you in Love and Light. If you’d like further assistance and would like to get a reading, don’t hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment. I can be reached at, or call or text my assistant at 914 620 5776.