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Oct 17

Creating Reality Through Thought?

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

This is probably one of the most important topics that has come up lately. In recent years many have been discovering The Law of Attraction. The basic definition of the LOA (Law of Attraction) is that like attracts like. In other words, if you think and speak positively, then you will create positively. One must also realize that if you think negatively, then you will also create negatively.

One of the things that I like to do to help prove this point is to use the words from the Bible. First, God created man in his own image. The way that a lot of people interpret this is that God/Goddess is a man/woman, keeping in mind most organized religions think of God in the male aspect. So a lot of people have the image that God is in a physical body that resembles our physical appearance. But you really think about that, that would be man creating God in his image, and not the other way around. My personal experience has shown me that what is meant by this message that God created man in his image is that we are can create in the same manner as God. I also believe that we come to Earth as a school of learning/life/lessons. When coming into an incarnation to Earth School we agree to certain terms and conditions, just like when you are accepting terms and conditions with software, or any other thing where that is the case.

Let’s go over some of the terms and conditions, if you will, that we agree to before we start Earth School. Up to this point and still currently for quite a large number of souls, we agree to coming here with a veil between us the true “knowledge” of our capabilities. The veil is amnesia of sorts. So, we don’t know we are creating the things that show up in our lives. It leaves us with the feeling or belief that we are “victims” of our surroundings, or circumstances. The primary goal of this Life School is to learn certain lessons, i.e. patience, love, creativity, and to experience emotions. We are here to have these experiences, learn from them, and hopefully get an A in the different lessons. Some may argue that it’s somewhat difficult to do so without prior knowledge of what the lessons are, or without remembering that we are supposed to be learning them in the first place. Another term that we agree to is the fact that this is a dimension of duality. Duality means that there are exact opposites of everything. Think of any word at this point and then come up with the exact opposite or opposing point. Good/evil, light/dark, hot/cold, love/hate, these are just a minute example of all the things of duality. If it duality wasn’t a factor, would there be the same opportunity to learn? Being able to rise above duality is quite the experience.

Now that you have an idea of the terms and conditions, let’s move on to the creating. Another of the terms and conditions here is the fact that our creations will be somewhat delayed in manifesting. Let’s go back to the Bible where God said, “Let there be Light, and there was Light.” As well as, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” As you can see “things” are being created by “word”. Given the human inability to control their emotions, it is a really good thing that we have had delayed manifestation. Can you imagine if everything that people “think” they want was created instantaneously. We are in a time when manifestation is happening faster than it ever has in history. This is a time of a vibrational shift in this Universe, and we shifting to a higher frequency, which is lifting the veil of amnesia. Some are awakening and remembering exactly how we got here, and why we are here. There are many who teach about the LOA, and many that use it simply for material wealth building, without realizing there is so more than can be created than just materialism. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that in order to be “good” we must live through sacrifice or live in poverty. After all, there is no shortage of anything, when we remember that we were created in God’s image and are co-creators in the Universe.

There are people of power who know very well how creation and manifestation works, and they use it to control other people, as well as amass great financial wealth for themselves, and do it at the expense of others who are unaware of what is being done. You see, there is individual consciousness as well as mass consciousness. We can get into how it works on a mass level first. It is considered that we are in what’s known as the Third Dimension at this time, a dimension of duality. The next above us is the 4th Dimension, or Astral level. There’s a lower 4th, and a higher 4th. The lower 4th is where all the “thoughts” and human emotions gather together. Let’s think of it like cloud cover. So you have a group of people praying or meditating on one particular topic, it’s a group thought or group mind. We know that when there is a prayer chain people have experienced miracles. Also back to the Bible, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” You see, while organized religions have used the Bible to control people, and use their interpretation of these versus, there is a much deeper encoded message, so that when one starts to awaken, you can find the right answers as to how you are creating. Again, these kinds of things are used for the negative as well as the positive. This is the reason that FEAR is fed into our system on a daily basis. If people are in FEAR about anything, they can’t really take the time to learn that they have POWER to create their own reality, which doesn’t include war, sickness, and hatred. So the people who are greedy of Power and wealth, use this to their advantage. In essence, we give away our personal Power to those in charge, if you will. It’s done in politics and religion, as well as many other aspects of our lives.

This is the time that we can TAKE our POWER back. How do we do that, but realizing that we are creating these things by individual thoughts, and the mass thought. Step away from the sources of FEAR being fed to us. Stop watching the news, stop participating in giving energy to division. We won’t change the world by going out and attacking one side of an issue or the other, no matter who is right, it is still giving energy and power to a division. Step outside of that, and first discover what your own lessons are, and work on YOU. This is not an overnight thing, and it’s not something that we get instant gratification out of. It is a process that takes time.

One way that I explain how creation with thought works. First we have a Belief, that Belief becomes our thoughts, our thoughts become our words, and our words become our reality. What reality do you want to create? If you constantly are thinking about how poor you are, or how bad your relationships are, then you get more of the same. But if you start knowing that you have the ability to create good relationships, and live in abundance, then you will. Creating by default mode is what most people do. But you can create by design. You do that by first becoming aware that you are creating things. A couple of good books on the subject are The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I encourage you to recognize that you have power, but you haven’t been using it the proper way. Take your power back, and choose to no longer live as a victim of circumstances, or because of surroundings. When we work on ourselves, we then shine a light, because we find our joy and our bliss. And how that changes the world is because when other people see how you are living happily and abundantly, they want to do the same. So, let’s take back our power one person at a time. Stop letting the people of control have our individual power. Own it, declare ownership of your own POWER.

Everyone gets to choose if they are more comfortable just letting others control this earthly life for them, or if they want to take their Power back and create a life of Bliss, Grace and Joy. You choose. As more people choose this, it break the mass consciousness of FEAR that has been in place for over 2000 years.

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