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Mar 07

Meditation, The Answer to Your Prayers.

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     As we move into March and get closer to the spring and warm weather, I know everyone is looking forward it.  Most, if not, all of us are over the winter.  We seem to have been blasted really well with the snow, sleet and ice.  Now it’s time to melt not only the cold weather, but our hearts and listen for the answers we are seeking.

     Often I am asked, how can I get my own answers?  Or, how do I get in tune with my spirit guides?  The key to this is always meditation.  Many people attempt meditation, but then quit out of frustration and an inability to quiet the mind and listen to that internal guidance.  I understand this frustration and the throwing up of the hands.  I’m brought back to a time in early adult life when I was asked by a gentleman, one I had a great deal of admiration and respect for, “How do you know when God answers your prayers?”  This question was a little surprising to me, but it was also an eye-opener to me.  The thought immediately running through my head was, “What do you mean, how do you know when God answers your prayers?  I hear him just like I hear you.”  Then the voice in my head said, “Wow, God picked me!  I hear and see things other people don’t hear.”  Now, for some they consider it to be a curse, for me, I’ve always viewed it as a blessing.  Again, that feeling of “Wow, God picked me.”  But then further, what did God pick me for?  To get the answers to that question I knew I would have to listen closely.  
     There are those that can go into a meditation and journey without a moment of thought.  Then there are those who I will call, “wheel spinners”.  What is a wheel spinner?  My definition of that is a person that when they try go to that place of quiet, calm, and relaxation in order to listen for their guidance, or their answers, they immediately start thinking of all the things they need to do.  This list can range anywhere from buying groceries, fixing meals, doing laundry, going shopping for something they need for the home.  It’s the place in our mind where we’ve stored our to-do list.  In meditation we are not trying to access our to-do list, we are trying to access our spirit guides, and our higher-self, if you will.  
     First, I would like to say that prayer and meditation go hand in hand.  One is useless without the other.  Prayer is the method by which we let our needs and desires be known.  We are asking or requesting, that can be for something material, something emotional, an answer that seems to elude us, a need for a loved one to be healed, guidance on how to proceed in a desired goal.  The list can go on and on, it’s endless the things that we pray for.  But make no mistake about it, prayer is just as essential as meditation.  For without making the request, or asking the questions there is no need for answers.  The answers come through the meditation.  
     So, now we proceed with going into a meditation.  Our environment for meditation is just as important.  You wouldn’t or shouldn’t meditate in a car while driving, or in a subway while riding the train.  These are examples of places that you need to be completely aware of what’s going on around you at any given time.  Though there have been times in everyone’s life when they have ended up in a place, and couldn’t remember how the trip.  My opinion is that you should have a place to meditate that is calm and serene, you feel totally comfortable.  When getting ready to meditate I like to light a few candle,  and burn some incense.  It adds to the peacefulness of what I’m about to do.  This is totally up to each individual.  If you are a person who i s a wheel spinner, I’m sure you can understand why you wouldn’t do a meditation in the middle of a coffee shop.
     Now to decide can I listen to metaphysical or new age music and get to where I want to go.  When a person meditates they are attempting to reach an alpha state in their mind.  This i s a state of your body, more or less, being asleep, and your mind is fully awake and aware.  After doing meditation for a period of time, you might actually feel the vibration in your body.  Some people hear their answers, and some actually see images, similar to having a dream, but in a completely awake and aware state of mind.  This is the type of meditation that everyone seeks to have.  If you don’t get there on your first attempt, do not be discouraged.  It sometimes take a “wheel-spinner” up to two weeks to get there.  Do not fret, because with continued practice even the biggest “wheel-spinner” can accomplish.  Normally what I suggest to people who have a hard time quieting their minds is to start with a guided meditation, whether that is in a group setting, or by purchasing a CD that has a guided meditation on it.  Usually, you can get a CD like that for less than $20.  There are many guided meditations on the market.  Some of the people who have made guided meditations are James Van Praagh, Dr. Brian Weiss, John Edward, and that’s just to name a few.  I have had great experiences with Dr. Weiss’s CDs.  His are the ones that I recommend most often to my friends and clients.  You will find that once you have mastered the guided meditation, which basically guides you through the steps of relaxation, and journeying in your meditation, then you can move onto an instrumental piece to work with.  The reason the guided meditation works so well, is because instead of going right to your to-do place, you go to that alpha state by focusing on the guide’s instructions.  
   When you get to the point where you wish to use instrumental pieces, then you will find pieces like Anugama’s Shamanic Dreams II to be very nice to work with.  There are so many, and you need only do a little practice to find the pieces that you resonate with.  I suggest that you try several different artists before settling on the one that works best for you.  Enya, Enigma, Steven Halpern all have very nice pieces that have helped a great many people.  Find what works the best for you and use it.  
     As you meditate your answers can come to you through hearing what is being said to you, or even having psychic visions.  The more practice your meditation the better you will become at it.  As with anything, practice, practice, practice.  
     Remember, pray and make your requests, and then meditate to get your answers.  When you have reached a place of true connection, you know when the answers come you can trust them.  When you start trusting them and following that guidance you get more and more guidance and it be more and more clear.
    It is my hope that you find the answers you are seeking and that continued reading and following of this blog helps you find the love and light you are looking for.  Until we blog again, keep reaching for the stars and searching for your answers.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and look me up on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  You can visit me at