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Ask A Psychic

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Image by permission of Linda Allen Wooten.

As a psychic and a psychic medium I get asked a lot of questions.  Periodically, I work some of those questions into my blog, as they can help others.
Our first question comes from Helen Taft.  How can you become more in tune with the spirit realm?  First and foremost, one of the biggest keys to do meditation.  It’s the number one tool in hearing, seeing and feeling answers, whether those answers are from your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones that have crossed over, or answers from God to your prayers.  Second, you must learn to trust what you are getting in signs.  As you get signs, acknowledge them, and don’t use your logical mind to explain them away.
April Hurley wants to know why some really good people have such long and hurtful roads and mountains to climb? Is it karma or their past?  There are many factors that play into reasons why anyone has hard roads and difficult situations to deal with.  Sometimes it would seem that some have it harder than others, and there are those that it appears to have a cake walk.  Before we incarnate on earth, we choose certain life lessons to learn, we even make agreements with other souls who will participate in those lessons.  There are karmic issues that come up for people, and past “punishments” it would seem.  The thing we must all recognize is that when things are going smoothly, we don’t learn a lot of from that.  We do, however, have more of tendency to take a harder look at things when they become difficult.  When a person starts to awaken spiritually, and realize that difficult times means there’s a life lesson involved, they then start to realize sooner and even learn the lessons sooner.  But there are equally as many people who never awaken spiritually, and that does not take away the life lessons, it just means you’re not realizing why you’re going through certain things, and may or may not learn the lesson. If the lesson is not learned, it will continue to come up over and over again.
What’s the difference between spirit guides and guardian angels is the question for Susan Morea.  You might think there is no difference, but in reality there is a difference.  Guardian angels have never incarnated as a human on earth, but they are tasked with guiding and protecting those on earth.  Spirit guides can have incarnated on earth, and some are so evolved that they have not incarnated in a very long time.  Remember, time is a linear thing in this third dimension, it doesn’t apply in the spirit realm.
Catherine Petit has provided a picture with many spirits behind her friend.

How can we contact our spirit guides, and how do you know it’s not our mind just playing tricks on us, asks Sharon Bradford Englerth.  Contact with our spirit guides is for the most part done, or at least started by doing meditations.  You ask to meet your spirit guides, and you learn to see, hear, and feel their presence.  Once you’ve gained a trust of how they feel, what they sound like to you, and even how you see them, you then realize that it’s not your mind.  The mind playing tricks is often mistaken for true guidance, and therefore the guidance is missed out on. After practice of asking questions and getting answers, and learning to trust those answers is something that comes with time.

Robin M. Plante wants to know if we are reunited with loved ones, especially children that pass before the adults.  Some people worry that if we reincarnate that we might miss a loved one, or a child that has gone to heaven before we get there. I’ve been shown over and over again that there is “part” of us that always remains in heaven.  If you understand the Holy Trinity, God the father, the son, and the holy spirit, it is much like this.  There is a higher-self that always remains in heaven.  When a “son”, or portion that incarnates on earth, goes back to heaven, that person/personality, love and all the things that go with that is there to be with and reunited with the loved ones that come to heaven later.  You will know them, and recognize them, as they come to you as the person you knew them to be on earth.

As associated with the death of a person, Michael Cox, would like to know if it is common to “know” the moment that someone passes from earth.  This is a very common thing for people that have emotional connections and bonds. For instance, you hear of a mother being on the east coast, and her child is half way across the country, and she’s awakened in the middle of the night thinking of her child, and finds out that the child was in a horrific accident.  It’s not only common to know when someone passes, but when some event happens.  The bonds are like cords running between the people, and when something happens to a person that you have that kind of strong connection to, you do feel it, hear it, or even see it.

Barbara Spano Costante has shared with a picture with what appears to be a spirit holding a hand.

Street lights going off and then coming back on, is this a spirit doing this, and is it common?  Lori Robinson Ellis, if you can factor out that the street light is not shorting, then yes, it could be a spirit.  Spirits are able to use their energy to manipulate electrical things. I’ve even heard and experienced them turning on appliance, tvs, radios, things of that nature.  Early in my psychic awareness I turned a light on in the bathroom of my home, when I went to go out and turn the light off, it wouldn’t go off.  I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes, and listened, and was told that my gifts would be coming in stronger over the next few months.  So as to your question is it common, the resounding answer to that is yes.

Mary Sirakoulis wants to know if she has gifts, of a psychic nature?  I like to explain to people the way it has been explained to me through my spirit guides.  When God said he created man in his image, he didn’t mean in the body, a physical likeness.  He meant with a spiritual likeness, and ability. In other words, when he said, let there be light, and there was light.  We have the same type of ability.  This power has been suppressed for thousands of years.  Why you might wonder?  Well, if all people know they have the ability to manifest and create what they want in their lives then they can’t be controlled, and manipulated.  In recent times there have been people coming out and explaining this particular gift, calling it The Secret, The Law of Attraction, are good examples.  We can not only manifest things in our lives, but we have the ability to listen for guidance. You know, like when you hear that little voice that says, it’s going to rain today, even though the sun is shining and the weather man says sun all day.  Then it rains.  Or you hear, don’t take this road, it’s going to be backed up, and you take it anyway, and the road is backed up.  When you start listening to that little voice, it gets louder.  Mary, you have gifts, you need to embrace them as your own, and become in tune with your guides, and you will be surprised and excited about what they show you.

Along the same line, Kim Pelletier, wants to know if there is a way to develop the skills.  Yes, there is.  Kim as I mentioned earlier, meditation is the key.  Now, whether you call it psychic, intuitive, psychic medium, I don’t’ particular like the term “fortune teller”, too many negative connotations with that one.  It’s been called seer and prophet.  The terms are changed with the times, but you get the idea.  Another really good thing to do is sit in a development circle or group, and to take workshops.  Depending on what your local area is, you can find workshops.  Sometimes it’s fun to travel and take a whole weekend workshop.  If you have a group of friends, you create  development circle, which can be a lot of fun as well.  But never forget the your best tool is meditation.

Anniece Brown Andress has an orb, or spirit streaking through her forehead, thank you for sharing this.

Do we really have guardian angels? And if we do, is it only one, or many?  And are they family members that have passed from earth, inquires Suzette Dubois.  You’ve asked so many good ones here, Suzette.  Yes, we have guardian angels.  The way I explain this is, each of us has a team.  We have guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones that have passed.  Now, depending on what is going on in your life as to which one steps up for you.  They always try to guide us and show us the right direction to go in.  But we live in a free will zone, and they are forbidden from taking that away from us.  In order to “help” us with a situation, we have to ask them. Where they are allowed to step in without permission is if you are going to be in some event that causes death, and you have a purpose and the death would be untimely to meeting that purpose, they go out of their way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Loved ones can help us, either by us calling on them, or them seeing something that is going on that you are struggling with, and they try to let you know “which door to choose”.  If a person is determined to make bad choices, they won’t interfere with that.  Sometimes the way to learn the lesson is to actually step in it to know that it really is a big pile.  So, envision that you have an entire team working for and with you, and don’t hesitate to call on them for help, guidance, and assistance, that’s after all what they are there for.

Jody Pibil has shared that there have two years sober, and recovery, would like to know what grammy feels about addiction and recovery.  First, congratulations on your two years, and thank you for sharing it with us.  Grammy is proud of you.  Now, let me speak in general about addiction and recovery.  These can be attached to life lessons to any type of addiction.  In life there seem to be some addictions that are more acceptable than others.  Each of us has something that we can be addicted to, some addictions do more harm than others.  There are those that are psychological and therefore doing psychological damage.  And of course, there are the ones that are physically addicting as well as psychological.  Alcohol, substances, cigarettes, just to name a few.  No matter what the addiction, you need to take a look at it, ask yourself, what am I supposed to be learning from this. How can I change this? There is nothing wrong with needing help, asking for support, both spiritual support from your team (as discussed in the previous paragraph), or from people that are here on earth.  But make sure when you get people to help and support, that you are getting the right ones.  Ones that enable you to keep going with the addiction aren’t necessarily the ones that can help you recover.  Learn the life lesson and then it will make recovery easier.

And I’d like to thank Cyndi Koerner for our closing picture of a beautiful sunset.

When someone passes can they see our entire lives, or just from the time of their passing? Kathy McFarland Milligan has asked a very good question.  Of course, people that pass go through their own life review, and so that encompasses people they’ve interacted with.  They can feel or know, so to speak, what it feels like to stand in the other person’s shoes in situations.  Instead of having a front linear view of what has gone on, they are able to see a 360 degree view from all angles, and how each person felt in the situations.  They gain perspective that they didn’t have when they were on earth.  They also have the ability to see things that are currently going on in their loved ones lives, and even the things that will show up in the future.  If they think they can be of some sort of help in those things, they will try to guide in the right direction, but without interfering with free-will.  And events that people believe their loved ones in heaven are missing, they are not missing, they can see them, and oftentimes show up and give signs that they are there.

As always, I’ve enjoyed answering your questions, as they can pertain to many people.  If you are interested in having a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading, get in touch.  You can look at my website,, email; or call to set up an appointment.  Until next time, I send you love and light.