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Dec 15

     I hope you are enjoying this holiday season, no matter what the holiday is that you are celebrate.  It has been requested again that I answer a few questions about psychics, psychic mediums, and the information that we get.  First, I’d like to say that I’m of the belief that none of us has all the answers.  And as psychics and psychic mediums we, too, are on the same journey as everyone else.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Where we are on that journey varies from person to person.  There are people that realize and are awakened to the fact that we are spiritual beings having  human experience, and there are others that are still firmly planted in the concept that we are human beings having a spiritual experience.  And which side of that camp you land on has direct impact on what experiences you have, and how you interpret those experiences.
     At times some think one experience is  more important than another.  This is point of contention among many.  My personal philosophy on this is, while a certain experience that I have may be more important to me than another experience that I have, but none of my experiences are more important to another person than the ones they have.  The reason for that is that while we are collectively on a soul journey, we are also individually on a our soul journey.  In other words, the sum total of my experiences impact my soul journey, as do the sum total of another person’s experience impact theirs.  It’s the end result of those things that make us who we are, and help us to grow as spiritual beings.  The individuals who are still under the thought process that we are human beings having a spiritual experience are just as important as the other way around.  For those individuals have not yet reached the awakening that this human experience is only one aspect of who and what we are.  If one hasn’t reached that point yet, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around that concept.
    A thought that recently came to the forefront of my thinking is, what if, like in the James Cameron movie, Avatar, there are multiple dimensions, and we know that there are, and we can create an Avatar, if you will, to travel into that other dimension.  Now, give some thought to this is the dimension in which in our bodies this is the Avatar.  Our human body is the avatar, and the experiences we have are the creation of our thoughts.  In other words, we are creating this reality by our thoughts, and where the majority of the humans spend their time thinking, worrying about, and creating has manifested the situations we find ourselves in today.  Wouldn’t that mean we have the ability to change the bad things, turn them into good things.  We can create abundance for every living being on the planet, in the universe, in this dimension.  There really is no shortage of anything, there really is no illness.  We create them by our thought energy.  We spend time creating lack, we spend time creating anger, hatred, war.  The majority of people now have at some point heard about Power of Positive Thinking, by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks; and let’s not leave out Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh.  All of these books talk about what we can create by our thoughts.  Thoughts become words, words are energy.  Words have Power.  We create our own realities by our thoughts and our words.
     One might question if individuals in control know this, individuals with political power, world power, why then would they not encourage people to think about the abundance, think about love, peace, health, and healing?  Well, the short answer to that is it is not to their benefit for societies to know that they have this kind of power.  And or people to come together in these types of meditations and prayers knowing that they can create all that is desired and all the tis needed.  The individuals in that kind of control and power are usually driven by greed, or someone else’s greed.  You cannot control large groups of people if those people know they can create their own happiness and abundance without you.  You know longer have a need to be dependent on them for decisions that effect you.  The groups of people are not in fear of not having food, they’re not in fear of being terrorized, or killed in their own lands.  It’s a form of enslavement.  Enslavement to their thought process for their benefit.  As more of souls awaken to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are creating that experience for our soul growth, it is a freeing from all of these kinds of enslavement.  That thinking alone is enslavement.  Isn’t it time that more and more people wake up and break free of those bonds that keep us tied down by someone else’s agenda.
     Recently I was asked when doing psychic readings, or psychic medium readings would the vast majority of people rather I tell them what they want to hear, or tell them what I do hear and see.  This varies with the individual having the reading.  While there are readers that will tell a client what they want to hear for fear that the person will be upset with them for telling them what they do hear and see, I am not one of those readers.  My belief is in this regard is that I am allowed to decide how I deliver the message, I am not at liberty to choose what messages I deliver.  Also, if something that may seem of a negative nature comes through to me to give to a client it is for one of two reasons, one because it is something that can be changed; i.e. I see a possible car accident or something of this nature, if that was inevitable and could not be changed they would not show it to me.  But let’s say I’m getting the message that “Aunt Sallie” is ill with a terminal illness, and she’s not gong to recover and there are things that need to be said and haven’t been, then I’m shown that it’s time to make sure all things have been addressed, to give the person the opportunity to say, I love you, I’m sorry, whatever they need to say, so there will be no regrets.  My longtime friend and radio host, Scott Cluthe, whom I’ve done radio with for years, introduces me on his show as someone who doesn’t sugar coat things, he says I tell it like it is.  I do not deliver in a harsh or cruel manner, I don’t believe that is the way it has to be done, but I deliver with loving compassion for whatever the individual may be living through at this time, and attempt to prepare them for what is to come.
     Another person asked me, if a parent dies and they have three children, can and does the parent choose to be around one of those children more than another.  From what I’ve been shown through the years, it is similar to talking to God, or calling on an angel for assistance, they can be omnipresent.   In our human experience we attempt to put those human limits on God, angels and our loved ones in the spirit realm, and they just don’t belong in that realm.  We use our human minds to try and understand things that are not of the human worlds.  Words to describe the spirit realm and it’s capabilities have not advanced to the level of what is possible in that dimension.  Our loved ones, just like angels and God can be present in multiple places at one time.  They can hear multiple things at once, and can do multiple things at once.  We are attempting to use limits imposed by the human aspect of things to describe and understand things that are not of the human element.
     As always, I hope that this entry finds you in good spirits, it helps you to understand one more piece of our spiritual puzzle.  I send you love and light, and ask  you to take the word impossible, and turn it into I AM POSSIBLE.  Know that anything you want, desire, dream is very Possible, you need only to believe it and start creating it.  If you wish to book an appointment send an email, or visit my website  Join us on Facebook, twitter and linkedin.

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