What to Expect in a Psychic Reading.

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Jan 30

When you decide that you want to get a psychic reading you should have an idea of what to expect.  As you know from reading the prior posts, not all readings are alike. First, make sure you have done your research.  Now that you have done your research you’ve read my blogs, the testimonials on the different sites, you have chosen to have a session with me.  You can call to set up an appointment, or send an email.  We then go through whether you want a daytime, or evening appointment, and we set a time that is convenient.  Sessions can be done in person, or over the phone.  Many people wonder if the session is over the phone, will that effect the messages that come through?  The answer to that is, no.  When I am communicated with Spirit, be it loved ones that have crossed over, or Spirit Guides, or Angels they are already crossing dimensions to communciate with us to begin with.  They really don’t care if the person is in front of me in the same room, or if they are thousands of miles away, the messages will be the same.  It then becomes a personal preference for you/the client.  As the appointments are set up, we take a first name and a phone number, payment is done through the website.  Sometimes people may want to share right then what it is that they are looking to connect with.  In these cases I always stop and say, please, do not tell me what you are looking for.  It makes the reading cleaner and clearer.  And you will have no doubt where the information came from.  I will tell you, however, please, think about what it is that you would like to connect with during our appointment.  We will start the appointment with me giving you all the information that comes through, and then I will leave time at the end for you to ask quesitons, in the event that I haven’t covered something that you are looking for.   When you set an appointment you set an intention, and this basically puts out a call to your loved ones and your spirit guides that this is their chance to connect with you.
  Now to explain how the information does come through in a reading, I would like to start with someone who is hoping to connect with a loved one who has crossed over, and I used crossed over, because my feeling is that when someone dies on earth it is merely crossing to another dimension.  They die here and are born in the new dimension.  Meditation is a key for connection.  On a daily basis I meditate before my sessions with clients.  There are times that loved ones will start to come through to me before the day of the appointment.  It can happen as soon as you set the appointment, they get anxious sometimes.  So in cases like that, I make notes so that I may share it with you when it is the set time.  When you arrive we have a seat and begin our session.
  Information is given to me in a number of different ways.  One of the ways is by virtue of me being empathic.  They will make me feel something.  Let’s say someone died in a car accident and they had a head trauma, I feel a momentary blow to the head.  Or if they there was Alzheimer’s, I may feel like being here and then  not being here, like a sort of confused feeling.  A heart issue could come with a chest pain.  These feelings are momentary for me and as soon as I relay the message, they leave me.  Another way to convey things is by sight.  I will actually see them standing in the room with us, or they will show  me a little movie in my head.  When I convey this scene to you, and as we go through the movie scenes they will make sense to you.  Spirits can also make themselves heard by me.  And the messages that they will come through with will be things that will make sense to you.  Because while they have moved  to another dimension they come through with the same personality and looks that you knew them to have.  They do this so that you can and will know that it is them that is coming through.  Their purpose is help you heal your grief and let you know that the love goes on.  Their Spirit/Soul lives on, and so does their love for you.  They may bring through things that happened while they were alive, and they will also bring through things that have happened since their passing so that you know they can still see what is going on in your life.  After I have give you all the messages that they have for you, it is then that I give you an opportunity to ask questions.  I may periodically ask you in the session, does this make sense to you.  When I do, it is merely to make sure that I am interpretting what I am seeing or hearing properly.  I am looking for a yes or no about whether it does indeed make sense.  No elaboration is needed at that point. 
Besides psychic medium readings, I do psychic readings as well.  All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.  When I do a psychic reading, the ability to see the past, the present and what the possibilities are for the future.  You may be dealing with a situation in our life and you want some insight as to what may happen with it.  I say possibilites, because not all things are set in stone.  We as humans have the ability to change the outcome of something that is yet to come in the future by our freewill.  And again, I remind you here, if anyone tells you that they can make something happen for you, get you back together in a relationship, or something of this nature, this is not the kind of psychic reader that you want to deal with.  They are running a scam and will end up hurting you.  No one has the ability to make anything happen in your future, but you.  While I can see what possibilities are, you are the one in control, always. 
  I hope that this entry is helpful to you.  And until next time.  Universal Love and Light to you.

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Pam Lassila January 30, 2017

That is a good reminder that humans have freewill! Just because we are told by a psychic one thing or the other, it does not mean that it is set in stone. We have the ability to make choices which can change the outcomes in our future. But psychics can be good guides and give us a source of information to help us consider the outcomes.

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