Opening Your Own Intuitive Abilities/Programming Your Internal GPS

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Jan 25

     The vast majority of the country is experiencing the effects of the “Polar Vortex”.  It’s cold outside, but today we are gong to talk about something that’s sure to warm your insides.  I’ve been asked more times than I can count, are people born with psychic abilities, or is it a learned trait.  The answer is yes, to a degree both.  And the follow up to that question would undoubtedly be, how can it be yes to both? Today I’m going to try explain how it can be yes to both.

     First, my belief is that when God said that he made man in his own image, he didn’t mean that we looked like him, two arms, a head, two legs, two ears and a mouth.  He meant that when he said, “Let there be light, and there was light, ” that we have that ability.  More people reject this idea because it is easier to blame someone or something else for what happens in our lives, than to take responsibility for it.  We are all born with what I call an Internal GPS.  In order for it to work for us, all we need to do is become “in tune” with it.  Let’s think for a minute how a GPS works, once you program it to where you want to go, it will give you directions, and if you get off route it will let you know that you’ve missed a turn, it will then reroute and give you alternative directions.  Our GPS works in much the same way.  More often than not, though most ignore the directions, after it lest us know we’ve missed a turn, it will give you a sign, and after you have ignored it enough times it will just go silent.  When we listen to those directions, it gets louder and louder, thus giving you more and more information.  
     An example of how the guidance works, you are driving down the road, getting ready to get on the highway, but you hear this little voice that says, no, don’t get on the highway, it’s backed up.  You ignore that and get on the highway, only to find out that the highway is indeed backed up.  Frustration comes and you say, I wish I’d listened to that little voice.  Another good example, is the sun is shining and the weatherman says there’s only a ten percent chance of rain.  No real need to take the umbrella with you.  Your GPS says differently, it will come up sudden, and it will be a torrential downpour, this time you listen and take the umbrella.  And the rain comes, you feel so glad that you listened to that guidance.  
     Each of us has a team that works for and with us.  Our team consists of spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones that have crossed over.  When we don’t listen to the guidance, they just question and say, why bother, he/she is not listening any way.  The times when you listen, they do a little happy dance and say, “Hey, she’s listening, let’s tell her more.”  And it gets more frequent and louder.  How you are listening and hearing that guidance is your own intuitive abilities that we are given at birth.  If the intuitive gifts have been turned off due to not listening, then one must relearn how to use them, to become in tune with them so that it work towards your highest and best good.  
     How do you open your psychic or intuitive abilities and program your GPS?  One of the biggest keys to doing this is learning to meditate.  Meditation sounds easy, but in reality for a lot of people it is difficult.  We live in a world where most of us operate on sensory overload, therefore shutting down and tuning in to that quiet place in our mind is very difficult, if not impossible.  One of the best ways to be able to accomplish this is through the use of a guided meditation.  Many psychics have produced guided meditation, as well others.  A very good guided meditation that I often recommend to people is one by Dr. Brian Weiss called Mirrors In Time.  But like authors and books, not everyone will resonate.  If one doesn’t work for you, try another one until you find that works.  Don’t give up on the first try though, give it at least five days of good effort.  Then you can try another.    Getting to that quiet place in your mind is important so you will be able to listen to that guidance.  Learning to listen and trust the guidance is key to unlocking your intuitive/psychic gifts.
     Once you have mastered meditation, you can start asking or focusing on a question or an area of your life that you need guidance in.  I always suggest that you start small, so you can learn to trust the guidance.  I am conducting a workshop on February 22nd in Fredericksburg, Virginia to teach people how to Open their Own Psychic Abilities, and Programming Their Own GPS.  Pre-registration in required for participation in the workshop, and limited to 20 guests.  We will be doing meditations, sending and receiving messages, psychometry, and energy imprints.  To register go to, and get in touch with me.  
     I hope this blog has warmed you up to your psychic gifts and how to use your GPS.  It doesn’t do much to get rid of the Polar Vortex, but it’s a good distraction at least.  I send you love and light and look forward to the next time we blog.

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