Eternal Life, Reincarnation and Past Lives

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Jan 14

     Welcome to 2014!  This year has so many great things to behold.  As we look forward to this new year ahead of us, I’ve been asked to look backwards and talk a bit about past lives, reincarnation and eternal life.  Let me start off by saying, in no way do I claim to an expert on this subject.  Really, I believe I’m in the infant stages of learning about it all.  As many of you are, I’m hungry for knowledge on the subject.    I believe that when we seek knowledge about these things our best friend can be reading.  Choose as many authors as you can, read as much as you can, take hold of what resonates with you and throw the rest back.

     My firm belief is that Life on Earth, is “school”.  We are here to learn lessons, repay karmic lessons, and experience as much as we possibly can.  This has been my take on the subject for a long while now.  First, I believe very strongly that we do have eternal life.  The eternal life that is referenced in the Bible along with other books on the subject.  Part of the way we have eternal life is that we incarnate on earth, and we live through a lifetime, we finish that lifetime and we then “die” or “passover” into the spirit/heavenly realm.  Birth here is death in that realm, and death here is birth into that one, hence we are eternal.  A quote that I read a long time ago really resonated with me on that subject, it was “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  It lends a great definition for what and who we really are.  To understand things we have to use terms or words that we can understand in this dimension.  And there are so many things that there are no words to make us fully understand the other dimensions and realms that exist.  Many of you have probably heard of the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records are the records for each soul and being and their lifetimes, their experiences, their karma.  It could also be called the The Book of Life, as it is referenced in the Bible.  
     A rather simplistic way that I’ve been shown how we do things in the spirit realm/heavenly dimension is that when we are planning an earthly lifetime, if you will, we sit down with what I will call guidance counselors, or an elders to go over what lessons we want to learn in the up coming lifetime.  Just like in high school, there are mandatory lessons/classes, and there are electives.  Patience is a mandatory lesson in every lifetime, and it comes up multiple times.  Some of the lessons include tolerance, service, and humility.  This is just to name a few.  I’m sure everyone is aware that the way we learn patience is to put in a position of having to wait for something.  When that lesson comes up we have a tendency to say, “hey, wait, I already learned that lesson. Can you hurry up and give me what I want now?”  Obviously, we haven’t learned it as well as we may think we have.    How about tolerance, now this is one that can be learned in so many different ways.  You may come in being part of a group that hasn’t been given that tolerance, it can be done through race, sexual orientation, disability, economic level.  There’s no way I could possibly list all the ways that tolerance can come up in life lessons.  Service to others is another lesson.  You may learn it through having a child that has a disability, or a relative that gets a terminal illness, or by serving your country.  I believe you get the general idea here of how these things come up.  Just like school, if you don’t get the lesson, pass it so to speak, you are going to repeat it.
    When you have something that keeps coming up, and you can’t figure out why there is definitely a life lesson attached to it.  A good example of this is when a person keeps getting into abusive relationships.  Let’s say there’s a woman and she is with a guy who is an abuser, whether it’s verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or physical abuse, there are a multitude of lessons that can be involved here.  I actually had a client that was in an abusive relationship for a number of years.  After a big altercation where she was choked she ended the relationship.  She was moving along very nicely and had, in fact, met a man who was wonderful to her.  For Valentine’s he bought her an iPod and loaded it with love songs.  He treated like a true princess.  Shortly after Valentine’s Day she ended the relationship and went back to the abuser.  In her mind and part of her being she was associating being loved with being abused.  The new guy wasn’t abusing her, so therefore he couldn’t really love her.  This association could have started anywhere.  It could have been from the relationship her parents had, or the one she had with her parents, it could have even come from a past lifetime.  In any event, her lesson here was to learn that abuse does not equal love.  Until she could break that definition and association in her mind then she would continue to look for love in abusive relationships.    This is a primary reason that when we have something that is going wrong in our life we need to look closely at it and determine what the lesson is, learn it, and be able to move onto the next one, and to happier times.
     These types of lessons bring us up to “soul mates”.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people ask me about when they will meet their “soul mate”, or they think they have and it’s just not working out the way they want it to.  We do not have just one “soul mate”.  From everything I’ve been shown, and learned from others as well, is that we travel in soul groups.    In these soul groups we agree to learn certain lessons together.  Before we go to the romantic end of that, lets explore other parts of those soul agreements.  For instance, you have a drunk driver and he/she hits a car full of teenagers and kills them, or disables or maims them.  While the agreement is not in the forefront of the conscious mind, there was an agreement to go through this lesson or lessons for all involved.  There’s also the possibility of it being attached to a karmic repayment.  If in a past life you were an abuser, you may come into your next life being on the other side of the abuse.  If you were the abuser this time you may be the abused.  
     Another area of question is the fact that souls do not have a sex.  In any given lifetime we choose what sex we will be.  Also the relationships can change around in lifetimes.  You may be the mother in one lifetime, a brother or sister in another or a friend.  A husband and wife in one lifetime maybe nothing more than friends in another.  When there has been a very strong connection when you come into contact in the current lifetime you will feel a very strong magnetic pull toward each other.  That magnetic pull may draw you close, and it can be one sided.  It’s good to be mindful of that.  There are so many things that come into play, it would have been beneficial if we came with an instruction manuel.  But I guess that’s the whole point, to learn the lessons.  As our souls get older, we may remember, or it’s considered to be awakening.  It’s not a matter of finding out who we are, but remembering who we are.  
      There are many authors on this subject.  Dr. Brian Weiss is one I would consider an expert on the subject.  He has written many books on the subject, offers guided meditation, or self hypnosis  CDs, as well as conducting workshops on the matter.  His first book is Many Masters Many Lives.  A few of the others books are Through Time Into Healing, Same Soul Different Body, Love is Eternal.  A meditation CD that I recommend frequently to my clients is Mirrors In Time.   Ian Stephenson has written Life Before Life, and Children Who Remember Previous Lives.  I also enjoyed Tom Shroder’s book Old Souls.  If you are looking other books just do a search of past lives, reincarnation and the like, you will come up with an endless list.  Do your own research and enjoy the study.  Take what resonates with you and toss the rest back.  Most of all enter in with an open mind and heart.
     I’ve been asked that as a psychic medium am I able to see past lives for a person.  There are times when it will come up in a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading.  When it comes up it is because the knowledge gained from it can help you currently.  If you are really interested in searching out knowledge of your past lives, you can do a past life regression.  Doing a regression can be very beneficial in helping learn and remember who you really are.
     When we remember we are here to learn life lessons, repay karma, and experience as much as we possibly can it gives a whole new perspective on eternal life, past lives, and soul mates.  Let us all remember and realize that the biggest lesson of all that we are here to learn is Unconditional Love.  Until next time, I send you Universal Love and Light.  

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Quintus Andradi January 25, 2014

Thank you Pam, that's a beautiful write up. Yes, what I believe is that we are eternal beings, and our true identity is that we are beings of Spiritual light energy as a point form. Our true abode is up there where God is, the benevolent benefactor who stays behind because of His love and mercy for the rest of us, to be there for us in when we need Him. The one and only one who does not take up a costume. Hence He is the Father figure, mother, friend or any other status that we would like to attribute to Him. We are the prodigal children that run away from home to come to down to this field of drama, take up this human costume and come into action and interaction with each other, not one but many, the one's who come first take eighty four and the last may be one or two, for up there, it is the silent world with no sound and no motion, but, in the presence of God in peace, harmony and a state of bliss. This we cannot endure for long, as we yearn for action. First, the responsible children are allowed to come down, who keep up the status of purity and power and re-create the Paradise or heaven, being free from sin or negativity, we are also free from sickness and we lead a longer life, this is the Golden Age, then the Silver, by the end of the silver age we have degenerated ourselves and polluted the environment to such an extent, that we virtually topple the world and bring her into the bronze and iron age.
We are little gods ourselves, with the power of or minds we create or destroy. Every action we go through is is registered within you, which is the akashik record, which is carried by you eternally, also put into action, as that is what one likes to do for which we have the freedom of will.

God is a God of love, He lets us act as we "will" hence the one's who like Peace and purity create Heaven and enjoy it, likewise the others who wish to play the devil are also allowed to do so. (the Freedom of Will) but every actions has its equal and opposite reaction, and we are given a conscience and an intellect with the power to judge. I am a Soul which is Mind, Intellect and Memory. I have the freedom to act as I wish to do with the knowledge of the consequences on our actions. At the end of the cycle, as we have already gone through the process of cleansing in hell, which is right here, takes us back home into His embrace, leaving the very responsible one's to re-create heaven again. So spins the Eternal Cycle, which if one thinks deep will find a beautiful creation of God in His unconditional LOVE. God bless you.

soulnecklace January 25, 2014

Thank you for sharing your insights. Yes, we travel in soul groups and these other souls are our 'training partners' in this life. For good and for bad.
This is why forgiveness is so important. The souls who are our 'challengers' in this life are really our closest friends on a higher level. If we can learn to see this and send love and support to them, then we will support the whole soul group and we will collectively learn from each others challenges.

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