A Tribute To Mothers

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May 16

     Mother, noun

  1. 1.
    a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.
    synonyms: female parent, materfamiliasmatriarch
bring up (a child) with care and affection.
“the art of mothering.
     Mother, the woman in your life that gave birth to you, that gave you life, without whom you would not be here.  Everyone on earth has a mother, but I dare say that no everyone has a mom.  Some people do not realize or acknowledge that there is a difference in being a mother and being a mom.  You can be one without being the other.  Mother is the more formal name or word for the woman who gave birth.  Mom is less formal and seemingly more affectionate, also used is mommy, momma, maw.  The bond between a mother and child is like no other bond, whether that is a good bond or a bad one, there is nothing that comes close to it.  

   As a psychic medium, I have for years seen all kinds of relationships between mothers and their children.  The bond between the two starts from the moment the woman finds out that she is pregnant.  It has been said that a woman intuitively knows the moment of conception.  With this possibility, there is time between the two that not another can even come close to sharing.  While the closest thing to this bond can be that of the father and child, it is inherently different, and that’s a discussion for another day.  Maternal instincts are said to be so strong, that there are times when certain animals will take in strays from a completely different type of animal.  It can be seen where a dog that has just given birth to pups and there’s an abandoned piglet will be adopted by the mother dog knowing the need for love and tender care.  On the other end of the spectrum, some can give birth and be completely devoid of drop of maternal feelings.  This can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, or with a person who never wanted to be a mother in the first place.  When and where these things come in has left many wondering and perplexed.

     A child who is raised by a parent who has no maternal instincts, will undoubtedly be seeking that kind of attention and affection in other places.  There are so many issues on all sides of this and I’m going to try to address just a few.   When we come into this life, we come with a life plan, if you will.  The way I like to explain it is, we sit down with a guidance counselor (spirit guide) before we incarnate.  There are life lessons that must be learned.  There are mandatory classes (life lessons) and there are electives.  For example, patience is a mandatory life lesson and we get it over and over again not only each lifetime, but more than likely, each year of our life.  Let’s say an elective might be service to others.  It might be an elective in this lifetime, but it was a mandatory or a major lesson in another lifetime.  We travel in soul groups.  When someone says, will I meet my soul mate, I have to remind them sometimes that we really travel in groups, and so there is more than one.  That as a romantic component is yet again, something else.  While traveling in these soul groups, we make agreements who we are going to learn certain lessons with.  As you can imagine, choosing parents, and choosing certain lessons with those souls is and can be a big deal.  There is also the karmic element involved in these relationships as well.  We should always remember though that before we were born into the current lifetime, we made the agreements to experience the things that come up in  any given lifetime.  This is especially difficult to imagine when you look at things like, a child having cancer, or a parent passing when the child is very young.  Most of the difficult experiences, it’s hard to believe that anyone would knowingly choose to go through them.  The karmic piece is when there is something from a prior lifetime that was not “paid for” in that lifetime, and it must be taken care of in the current lifetime.  

     I’ve been asked over and over again, why would someone choose to …. or have an agreement for one to die by way of a drunk driver, or go through the experience of cancer, or some sort of abuse.  The answers that I’ve been given and the explanations as shown to me have to do with soul evolution.  With each experience comes lessons that help the soul advance to new levels of compassion, empathy, and deeper love.  In the years that I have been doing psychic and psychic medium work, I don’t believe I’ve ever been shown love that is deeper than a parent’s love.  With this kind of deep love, it can also be the deepest of all hurts that can be leveled against a person, knowingly or unknowingly.  There can be a situation where the child, even if that child is an adult, can feel very deep pain because they don’t feel loved by their parent.  A child always seeks the love, approval,  acceptance and admiration of their parents.  How it is sought and the impact is a very individual thing.  What can be very devastating to one person is not even a mark on another, but there is always an impact.

     Children area God’s gift to a woman.  However, not all women see them as gifts.  There are women who would give anything to have a child of their own, and equally, there are women who wish they had never had a child.  Make no mistake, there is a purpose in both, and life lessons for both sides of the equation.  There is no one right answer.  As tragic as it is for the many unloved and abused children, those things sometimes mold them into being people who will make changes in the world for future generations because of the experiences they had.  A child that lost his or her mother to cancer decides to grow up to be an oncologist to try to help find a cure for cancer because they don’t want another child to have to experience what they did.  Or a mother who lost a child to a drunk driver, become a part of the organization MADD to help with the awareness of drunk driving.  

     So, yes, there are children who have been born to mothers who are not the best mom, but remember the life lessons that the person doesn’t remember they chose right now.  I encourage you, if you are going through a difficult time, take time to pray and then meditate.  Ask to be shown what is the lesson I’m supposed to get from this difficult time.  Show me, so that I might learn the lesson and move on to the next one.  Let me learn the lesson so that I might love deeper and progress on my soul journey.  Allow me to be an example of something good to other mothers and children, that instead of causing pain, I give something that fills a heart with love, kindness and understanding.  

     Today, this is a tribute to mothers that we hope will all become “moms to their children” and be thought of lovingly.  If you know a mother that’s maybe not the best mom, instead of judging her harshly, give her a hug, you may be the one who makes a difference in her life, so she can begin to make that difference for her children.  Give that child, who has a mother, but not a mom, a little extra care and attention, so they can see, yes, there are people who care and love them, too.    If you have lost a loved one, and would like to connect with them, you’d like a psychic medium reading, visit my website, www.heavencallingearth.com.  Maybe you some insight into a life situation, a little guidance because you feel stuck and you’re no sure which way to turn, send an email to pam@heavencallingearth.com and you can find out how to set up an appointment for a reading.  Until next time, I send you love and light.

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