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Jan 05

     In my last posting I talked about the different types of readings.   For this edition I would like to talk about how to pick a psychic, or psychic medium to do a reading for you.  Choosing the person to do your reading is an important decision.  There are a number of factors that go into making the right choice.  Sometimes readers will offer a free question, or a test reading, this can be good, but not everyone will offer free readings.  Don’t let this be the only factor that you use in making your decision as to who will do your full reading.  Another part of the decision is sometimes based on price.  What you can afford plays in, but if you have a choice between a reader who charges a little bit more than you can afford, and one that is less pricey, but is not a good fit, you would be better off waiting until you save enough for the reader that charges more.  There are readers who will draw you in with a low price reading, say $5, $15, or a $20 reading.  After they draw you in, they gain your confidence and trust, and will tell you something along the lines of you have a black cloud of negativity following you, or you have a curse on you, and they can get rid of it for you.  First, if anyone ever tells you something like this you need to run, not walk in the opposite direction.  Second, if you do have negative things going on in your life, you have a life-lesson to learn, and when you learn the lesson things will turn for you.  No one else can remove a cloud of negativity for you or a curse.  You do not need to pay anyone to do that for you.  You have to look at what is going on in your life and figure out what you need to learn from the situation.  If someone tells you they can reunite you with a lost love, this is another sign they are running a scam.  No one has that ability.
  It’s also a good idea to do a search and look at the readers’ websites.  If there is a picture of the reader, look at that and see if you feel a connection.  Look at all pages on the sites, see how professional they are, and read about the readers, learn a little bit about them.  If they have done radio shows, listen to the archives of the radio shows.  Read testimonials, in doing so don’t just read them on the readers’ sites, also look at other sites, like google reviews, city search reviews, yellow pages reviews, and bing.  These types of reviews are usually done by people that have been read by the psychic or the psychic medium and can be very helpful in making your decision as to who will be doing your session.
  These are just a few of the factors that you should consider when choosing a psychic or psychic medium to do your reading.  I hope that these hints help you make a good choice in having a session.  Always remember there are good psychics and psychic mediums, and there are bad ones, just like all other professions.  Do not let one bad experience completely turn you off.  There are time when having a reading can be very helpful, but if you have had a bad experience you may be wary of trying it again.  Do your research first, and listen to your own internal guidance about who is the best fit for you to have a reading with.  And if you know someone who has had a personal session with someone, ask them about it.  Word of mouth referrals are always good.  People will tell you if they have had a good session with someone, or it’s been a bad one. 
  Until the next time I wish you all Universal Love and Light.

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