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Mar 24

Answers About The Afterlife: Discussion One

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

After a great deal of thought on how to handle our discussion about Bob Olson’s book, Answers About the Afterlife, I thought it best to do it through a blog and a link to Facebook for the Heaven Calling Earth fan page.  We are going to test this out and see if it works in the way we want it to.

Introduction, Also titled The Foundation of This Book.  Everything we do in life has to have a foundation.  The foundation is the groundwork for how we are going to view anything in life.  It’s not only just what we experience in the moment that determines our view or outlook, it’s the sum total of our those experiences that bring us to the conclusions we draw.  So with that said, let’s discuss Bob’s foundation for the book.

Bob Olson was a private investigator before he became an Afterlife Investigator.  Well, I would say that gives him some qualifications for investigating. And as he mentions in his first paragraph, “none of us have all the answers”.  The fact that we have some of the answers is a blessing in and of itself.  Then we have the statement that what we have is “true, but not accurate.”  I’ve never heard it put quite that way, but it makes sense. The way I’ve often explained this is that our truth starts as a small seed, which turns into a stem, which can turn into a bloom, which then grows and expands.  Our truth, or the truth about the afterlife can only be understood based on what we have as that foundation, which is oftentimes our own experiences.  Some are willing to accept other people’s experiences as part of their own truth.  And there are some individuals who will not even accept their own firsthand encounters as true.  They are not healthy skeptics, they are cynics.  “True, but not accurate” is based on our own human understanding, which can differ very much from what goes on in the spirit realm.  Physical versus spiritual realm can be the same but very different at the same time.

We are going through vibrational shift right now and the veil between us and the spirit realm is getting thinner and thinner. You might say we are bumping up against each other, like a parallel dimension. As the veil thins more and more people are seeing these parallel dimensions.  There are lower level dimensions and higher ones than we are.  The lower ones have a lower “frequency” if you will and the higher ones, of course, are a higher “frequency”. Lower ones are fueled and ruled by lower energies, anger, hatred, violence, addictions, fear.  The higher dimensions are the exact opposite, they have love, compassion, empathy and the like.  Our dimension houses both, so to speak.  We are in a time when we can choose to go to the higher level, stay where we are, or down. It’s a personal choice.

As an investigator Bob decided he wanted to find out all he could about the afterlife and those who claimed to be able to communicate with people that were in the afterlife.  He has vetted, tested and tried psychics, psychic mediums, animal communicators, channelers, and every possibly type of reader that there is.  After doing so, I would say that as in court, with this much experience, he would be considered and qualified as an expert on the subject matter.

There are so many aspects of the afterlife that he became familiar with.  Here we just thought, okay, you die and you go to heaven or hell.  Well, it’s just not that simple.  He has quite aptly laid twenty-two different ways and things to be understood about the spirit realm. I’ve personally had experience with a number of theses things and I look forward to discuss them with you throughout the journey through this book.

If you have questions or thoughts about this section of the book, please post here, or on the Facebook page.

Feb 10

Suicide, Right or Wrong, Heaven or Hell.

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     As a psychic medium I’ve “spoken” with souls who have crossed from all kinds of earthly deaths. I’m not sure at this point if we missed any.  I’ve communicated with those that have crossed from accidents, automobile, planes, getting shot, overdosing from drugs and alcohol, as well as those who have had terminal illnesses, and then those that just passed from natural causes.  No matter the way the death occurs it’s always difficult for those left behind. They are always left with a large whole in their life where the person who passed was.

  Today, I’m going to talk about suicide. It’s a difficult topic, and in my opinion it’s one of the hardest on those left behind. Not only do they deal with the loss, but there are times when there is a lot of guilt associated with the survivors of suicide.  There are those who believe that suicide is a coward’s way out.  I don’t follow that thinking, as I know from speaking with many who have committed suicide at the time of the incident that is not what’s going on.  Then we have those that want to know if it’s right or it’s wrong, or do you go to heaven or hell when you commit suicide.  What I’m going to share with you here today is the view and opinion I’ve come to have from years of connecting with those that have taken their lives, or been a part of it, either intentionally or by accident.  I’ve had souls come through to me that have died of an overdose and there were questions as to whether or not the person did it intentionally. Actually, I’ve communicated with both, those who have done it intentionally, and those that it was a complete accident.  Either way there are still life lessons that weren’t completed or learned. As we know, people that become addicted to substances are looking for that escape from what it is a difficult situation for them, or the euphoric feeling they get when on the substances.  Unlike the addict, a person who decides to commit suicide, feels completely trapped, alone (even if they are in a room full of people), and they feel there is no way out of the “hell” they are experiencing.  Honestly, they are not usually thinking through the effect it will have on their loved ones, or even themselves.  Of course, some are angry with someone and think that by taking their own life they will punish the person they are angry with. Again, this is a situation where the mind is so muddled that they can’t think through what the end result will be.
    It’s my belief that people who have a terminal illness and decide to take their own lives are in a whole different category altogether. That thinking goes along with, I want to be in control, and do it the way that I can leave on my own terms. To date, I have not yet communicated with someone who took this way out, so I cannot give any information on this one way or the other.  However, I will not say that it’s  wrong or right, and definitely not cowardly thinking.
     I would like to say that those who have lost a loved one and consider suicide so they can join their loved one sooner rather than later, this is not the answer and  you will not get the result you are trying to achieve by taking your own life.  I’ve been shown this to be the case because souls who commit suicide have special work to do.  When a soul cuts their human life short, the lessons they have come to learn have not been completed.
     What happens when a person commits suicide?  There is what I will call a welcoming soul, the soul or souls that meet the person transitioning to the spirit realm.  The person who has committed suicide is met by a soul or souls to help them come over.  These souls are others who have committed suicide.  It is part of the work they must do before they come back and complete their contract.  The “welcoming soul/souls” help the person come over and give them a tour so to speak.  Let them rest and get used to their new environment.  They go through reviews to show them how they could have done things differently, and how there were options that could have resolved the dilemma and the pain they were in.    The person sees how his actions have impacted those left behind, their pain, the upset, the void he has left.

     Once acclimated and the soul has had time to rest and understand fully what his/her actions have caused then they go to work.  There are two jobs in particular that I’ve been shown over and over again that they do, which helps them in their return to complete what they came for to begin with.  The first is acting as part of the “welcoming team”, and the second is to work as a spirit guide for people considering suicide.  Now, as you can imagine this is a very difficult job.  Trying to get through to a person who is contemplating suicide is very difficult.  Why is it difficult?  The biggest and primary reason is because the person who is considering suicide has a pain wall that is very difficult to penetrate.  The spirit guide will try to get through directly to the person, and even try to go through others around the person, friends, family, anyone who the spirit guide thinks they can make the connection with.  There are occasions when it works, and the person doesn’t go through with it.  Then, of course, there are times when there is no getting through to the person and they go through with it.

     Souls that have a hand in their lives ending early, such as accidental overdose and things of this nature fall into the same category, and will have a little extra work so that they understand addictions, and can come back and try to do it without falling into that trap again.

     The opinions are ones that I have formed through years of communicating with those who have crossed over and being shown over and over again how they transition and what they go through.  Please, remember the hell they go through is before they commit suicide, but it does put other things in play that they need to resolve.  A good book to read is Conversations With The Spirit World by Lysa Mateu.

    If you’d like to set an appointment for a reading to communicate with a loved one you are missing in heaven please visit, or email

Dec 08

Defining Love!

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Over the past couple of months I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about love and it’s meaning.  What we are supposed to do with it? If it is real? If it is conditional or unconditional?  There are so many relationships with love and about love, I thought this would be a very good topic to cover in this entry.  First I’d like to give the definition as I found it on Google.

noun: love; plural noun: loves
  1. 1.
    an intense feeling of deep affection.
    “babies fill parents with intense feelings of love”
    synonyms: deep affection, fondnesstendernesswarmthintimacyattachment,endearmentMore

    antonyms: hatred
    • a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.
      “it was love at first sight”
      synonyms: become infatuated with, give/lose one’s heart to; More

    • a personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid.
      noun: Love
    • a great interest and pleasure in something.
      “his love for football”
      synonyms: liking of/for, enjoyment of, appreciation of/for, taste for, delight for/in, relish of, passion for, zeal for, appetite for, zest for,enthusiasm for, keenness for, fondness for, soft spot for, weakness for, bent for, proclivity for, inclination for, disposition for, partiality for, predilection for, penchant for

      “her love for fashion”
    • affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf.
      synonyms: best wishes, regards, good wishes, greetings, kind/kindest regards

      “my mother sends her love”
    • a formula for ending an affectionate letter.
      “take care, lots of love, Judy”
  2. 2.
    a person or thing that one loves.
    “she was the love of his life
    synonyms: beloved, loved one, love of one’s life, deardearest, dear one, darling,sweetheartsweetangelhoneyMore

    • BRITISHinformal
      a friendly form of address.
      “it’s all right, love”
    • BRITISHinformal
      used to express affectionate approval for someone.
      noun: a love
      “don’t fret, there’s a love”
  3. 3.
    (in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil.
    “love fifteen”

     Now, reading through these definitions that I found on Google, this is quite extensive.  Love as defined on the dictionary can be quite different than “love” as we humans use the word.  People associate love by what they have learned love to me.  Let’s start with children and seeing their moms and dads and they way they are are with them mom/child; dad/child, mom and dad/ children, and mom/dad with each other.  Not all couples have a “healthy” loving relationship.  And that goes back to their childhood and what they have learned loved to be.  This makes a cycle within families.  One of two things happen, they choose to show love as their parents did with them, or they choose to do it differently because they feel their parents’ love was not real love.  After all, the first relationships we see that are supposed to have love are the ones I’ve just mentioned.  They are what defines love for us.

     What is love supposed to be? Keep in mind this is my opinion and what I’ve learned through my life.  Love is an emotion that is deep feeling of affection and endearment for another person.  While we can have a love for a thing or a place, I will not be addressing those in this blog.  The way we love our parents is different from how we love our children, and our partners, whether those partners be husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends.  So there are so many different kinds of relationships.  Of course, the best love is the real kind, the kind.  Unfortunately, not all love is real, even though some may think it is.  A real love, is the kind that makes you feel as though you can’t live without the other person, you can’t breathe without them.  A loss of the person, would be horrific.  I’m not saying that you can’t live without them, or that you can’t breathe without them, because we all know that’s not true. What I am saying is that’s what the feelings are.  And the real love is a horrific loss.  Love can, of course, be one sided, but that is truly a tragedy.  To have an intense love for another and not have it returned is beyond sad.

    What is unconditional love vs conditional love?  Unconditional love is a love with absolutely no strings attached?  In other words, you remove your love or hold it back because the other person is not doing something  you want them to, or they are doing something you want them not to do.  Conditional love is has all sorts of strings attached to it.  Let’s use the example of if you don’t change your body size, you need to lose 15 pounds or I just can’t be with you, or you don’t like the same things that I like.  I’m into sports and you’re into nature.  I could no more go play in nature than you could enjoy watching a football game.  There are so many conditions that can be put on love, and most of the time people don’t even realize when they are putting conditions on it.

     Let’s say that a child sees their parents fighting all the time, verbally or physically, the child then associates love with those things.  Let’s say one or the other has a substance abuse issue, whether they stay together or leave over the issue, it is associated with love to that child.  Then when they grow and begin to have relationships they will either mimic it, or  be determined no to relive that in their own life.  What if the parent abuses the child through discipline? Well, we’ve seen time and time again where people repeat this cycle.  It’s used as a defense in child abuse cases too many times to count.  

     You can begin a relationship with an unhealthy love, if it is real love, and then change it to be a healthy unconditional love.  The first thing is that you must recognize that is, indeed, an unhealthy love.  And then try to get your partner to recognize the same, and you work towards making it healthy and unconditional.  Unconditional love is not easy in the beginning, but as you work at it, it becomes easier and second nature.  If you’d like to see an example of true unconditional love, we should look to our pets.  We can yell at them, blame them for having accidents in the house, (when in reality that’s our fault for not being sure they’ve been taken out/ or the litter box is not cleaned), even physically abuse them, and they keep coming back hoping you will love them and accept them.  Now, that’s true unconditional love.

     Some people associate love with the purchasing of gifts and material acquisitions.  If you think about it, love has nothing to do with either.  It’s the opening and giving of one’s self to another, no matter what that relationship is.  It can be friends, loved ones, relatives, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, and the list goes on.  There can be givers and takers.  One can be totally a giver and the other a total taker.  This kind of love will depend on what the relationship is whether or not it lasts.  Friendships may not, but family relationships may, but even in those sometimes one will walk away from the other.  People that are totally one way or the other will often complain that they are the opposite of what their true nature is.  Keep in mind there has to be a balance in giving and taking in relationships.  If the scales tip too far one way or the other, it may be headed for trouble.

     In closing, I challenge you to look at your relationships and determine what kind of love you have.  And they can be different depending on which kind they are.  In other words, you and your partner may have unconditional love, and you and your mom or dad have something that you consider to be conditional.  The biggest challenge of all is to redefine those that are conditional to make them unconditional, at least on the part that you have control over, and that is your own feelings.
     Please visit my website,  If you would like to schedule a psychic reading, or psychic medium reading, please email or call the listed number.

Nov 01

Ask A Psychic

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

Image by permission of Linda Allen Wooten.

As a psychic and a psychic medium I get asked a lot of questions.  Periodically, I work some of those questions into my blog, as they can help others.
Our first question comes from Helen Taft.  How can you become more in tune with the spirit realm?  First and foremost, one of the biggest keys to do meditation.  It’s the number one tool in hearing, seeing and feeling answers, whether those answers are from your spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones that have crossed over, or answers from God to your prayers.  Second, you must learn to trust what you are getting in signs.  As you get signs, acknowledge them, and don’t use your logical mind to explain them away.
April Hurley wants to know why some really good people have such long and hurtful roads and mountains to climb? Is it karma or their past?  There are many factors that play into reasons why anyone has hard roads and difficult situations to deal with.  Sometimes it would seem that some have it harder than others, and there are those that it appears to have a cake walk.  Before we incarnate on earth, we choose certain life lessons to learn, we even make agreements with other souls who will participate in those lessons.  There are karmic issues that come up for people, and past “punishments” it would seem.  The thing we must all recognize is that when things are going smoothly, we don’t learn a lot of from that.  We do, however, have more of tendency to take a harder look at things when they become difficult.  When a person starts to awaken spiritually, and realize that difficult times means there’s a life lesson involved, they then start to realize sooner and even learn the lessons sooner.  But there are equally as many people who never awaken spiritually, and that does not take away the life lessons, it just means you’re not realizing why you’re going through certain things, and may or may not learn the lesson. If the lesson is not learned, it will continue to come up over and over again.
What’s the difference between spirit guides and guardian angels is the question for Susan Morea.  You might think there is no difference, but in reality there is a difference.  Guardian angels have never incarnated as a human on earth, but they are tasked with guiding and protecting those on earth.  Spirit guides can have incarnated on earth, and some are so evolved that they have not incarnated in a very long time.  Remember, time is a linear thing in this third dimension, it doesn’t apply in the spirit realm.
Catherine Petit has provided a picture with many spirits behind her friend.

How can we contact our spirit guides, and how do you know it’s not our mind just playing tricks on us, asks Sharon Bradford Englerth.  Contact with our spirit guides is for the most part done, or at least started by doing meditations.  You ask to meet your spirit guides, and you learn to see, hear, and feel their presence.  Once you’ve gained a trust of how they feel, what they sound like to you, and even how you see them, you then realize that it’s not your mind.  The mind playing tricks is often mistaken for true guidance, and therefore the guidance is missed out on. After practice of asking questions and getting answers, and learning to trust those answers is something that comes with time.

Robin M. Plante wants to know if we are reunited with loved ones, especially children that pass before the adults.  Some people worry that if we reincarnate that we might miss a loved one, or a child that has gone to heaven before we get there. I’ve been shown over and over again that there is “part” of us that always remains in heaven.  If you understand the Holy Trinity, God the father, the son, and the holy spirit, it is much like this.  There is a higher-self that always remains in heaven.  When a “son”, or portion that incarnates on earth, goes back to heaven, that person/personality, love and all the things that go with that is there to be with and reunited with the loved ones that come to heaven later.  You will know them, and recognize them, as they come to you as the person you knew them to be on earth.

As associated with the death of a person, Michael Cox, would like to know if it is common to “know” the moment that someone passes from earth.  This is a very common thing for people that have emotional connections and bonds. For instance, you hear of a mother being on the east coast, and her child is half way across the country, and she’s awakened in the middle of the night thinking of her child, and finds out that the child was in a horrific accident.  It’s not only common to know when someone passes, but when some event happens.  The bonds are like cords running between the people, and when something happens to a person that you have that kind of strong connection to, you do feel it, hear it, or even see it.

Barbara Spano Costante has shared with a picture with what appears to be a spirit holding a hand.

Street lights going off and then coming back on, is this a spirit doing this, and is it common?  Lori Robinson Ellis, if you can factor out that the street light is not shorting, then yes, it could be a spirit.  Spirits are able to use their energy to manipulate electrical things. I’ve even heard and experienced them turning on appliance, tvs, radios, things of that nature.  Early in my psychic awareness I turned a light on in the bathroom of my home, when I went to go out and turn the light off, it wouldn’t go off.  I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes, and listened, and was told that my gifts would be coming in stronger over the next few months.  So as to your question is it common, the resounding answer to that is yes.

Mary Sirakoulis wants to know if she has gifts, of a psychic nature?  I like to explain to people the way it has been explained to me through my spirit guides.  When God said he created man in his image, he didn’t mean in the body, a physical likeness.  He meant with a spiritual likeness, and ability. In other words, when he said, let there be light, and there was light.  We have the same type of ability.  This power has been suppressed for thousands of years.  Why you might wonder?  Well, if all people know they have the ability to manifest and create what they want in their lives then they can’t be controlled, and manipulated.  In recent times there have been people coming out and explaining this particular gift, calling it The Secret, The Law of Attraction, are good examples.  We can not only manifest things in our lives, but we have the ability to listen for guidance. You know, like when you hear that little voice that says, it’s going to rain today, even though the sun is shining and the weather man says sun all day.  Then it rains.  Or you hear, don’t take this road, it’s going to be backed up, and you take it anyway, and the road is backed up.  When you start listening to that little voice, it gets louder.  Mary, you have gifts, you need to embrace them as your own, and become in tune with your guides, and you will be surprised and excited about what they show you.

Along the same line, Kim Pelletier, wants to know if there is a way to develop the skills.  Yes, there is.  Kim as I mentioned earlier, meditation is the key.  Now, whether you call it psychic, intuitive, psychic medium, I don’t’ particular like the term “fortune teller”, too many negative connotations with that one.  It’s been called seer and prophet.  The terms are changed with the times, but you get the idea.  Another really good thing to do is sit in a development circle or group, and to take workshops.  Depending on what your local area is, you can find workshops.  Sometimes it’s fun to travel and take a whole weekend workshop.  If you have a group of friends, you create  development circle, which can be a lot of fun as well.  But never forget the your best tool is meditation.

Anniece Brown Andress has an orb, or spirit streaking through her forehead, thank you for sharing this.

Do we really have guardian angels? And if we do, is it only one, or many?  And are they family members that have passed from earth, inquires Suzette Dubois.  You’ve asked so many good ones here, Suzette.  Yes, we have guardian angels.  The way I explain this is, each of us has a team.  We have guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones that have passed.  Now, depending on what is going on in your life as to which one steps up for you.  They always try to guide us and show us the right direction to go in.  But we live in a free will zone, and they are forbidden from taking that away from us.  In order to “help” us with a situation, we have to ask them. Where they are allowed to step in without permission is if you are going to be in some event that causes death, and you have a purpose and the death would be untimely to meeting that purpose, they go out of their way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Loved ones can help us, either by us calling on them, or them seeing something that is going on that you are struggling with, and they try to let you know “which door to choose”.  If a person is determined to make bad choices, they won’t interfere with that.  Sometimes the way to learn the lesson is to actually step in it to know that it really is a big pile.  So, envision that you have an entire team working for and with you, and don’t hesitate to call on them for help, guidance, and assistance, that’s after all what they are there for.

Jody Pibil has shared that there have two years sober, and recovery, would like to know what grammy feels about addiction and recovery.  First, congratulations on your two years, and thank you for sharing it with us.  Grammy is proud of you.  Now, let me speak in general about addiction and recovery.  These can be attached to life lessons to any type of addiction.  In life there seem to be some addictions that are more acceptable than others.  Each of us has something that we can be addicted to, some addictions do more harm than others.  There are those that are psychological and therefore doing psychological damage.  And of course, there are the ones that are physically addicting as well as psychological.  Alcohol, substances, cigarettes, just to name a few.  No matter what the addiction, you need to take a look at it, ask yourself, what am I supposed to be learning from this. How can I change this? There is nothing wrong with needing help, asking for support, both spiritual support from your team (as discussed in the previous paragraph), or from people that are here on earth.  But make sure when you get people to help and support, that you are getting the right ones.  Ones that enable you to keep going with the addiction aren’t necessarily the ones that can help you recover.  Learn the life lesson and then it will make recovery easier.

And I’d like to thank Cyndi Koerner for our closing picture of a beautiful sunset.

When someone passes can they see our entire lives, or just from the time of their passing? Kathy McFarland Milligan has asked a very good question.  Of course, people that pass go through their own life review, and so that encompasses people they’ve interacted with.  They can feel or know, so to speak, what it feels like to stand in the other person’s shoes in situations.  Instead of having a front linear view of what has gone on, they are able to see a 360 degree view from all angles, and how each person felt in the situations.  They gain perspective that they didn’t have when they were on earth.  They also have the ability to see things that are currently going on in their loved ones lives, and even the things that will show up in the future.  If they think they can be of some sort of help in those things, they will try to guide in the right direction, but without interfering with free-will.  And events that people believe their loved ones in heaven are missing, they are not missing, they can see them, and oftentimes show up and give signs that they are there.

As always, I’ve enjoyed answering your questions, as they can pertain to many people.  If you are interested in having a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading, get in touch.  You can look at my website,, email; or call to set up an appointment.  Until next time, I send you love and light.

Sep 30

Ask Psychic Medium Pam Jenkins Questions

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

It’s been a while, so hello.  I’ve missed you and missed writing for you.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed, it’s been pretty busy.  After putting it out there on the Heaven Calling Earth fan page on Facebook, I found that there are quite a number of questions people would like to have answered about psychic readings, and psychic medium readings and the information that has come through to me through the years.  The answers that I share here or from the years of doing readings, and through meditation.  As always, take with you what resonates, and just leave the rest.

“What are our loved ones seeing, and what are their surroundings?” Susan Mores.
Susan, this is a very good question.  The surroundings seem to change with individuals.  When they first arrive, there is usually a very bright light.  Then it would seem that our “earthly” belief system kicks in for a little while. In other words, if you have a belief that you are going to go through some pearly gates, you will see those, or if you believe there is a big meadow, then that will be your first experiences.  Then the longer one is on the other side, there is a “life” there as well, and it conforms to helping the soul grow.
“Can they hear us talking to them?” Remember, they are in the spirit realm now, so they can hear us when we speak out loud to them, and they can hear it when we think of them.  You know, like when you are having a conversation in your head.  I have people say to the effect, I’d like to make a phone call to heaven.  Well, when you have a psychic medium reading, in essence you are making a phone call to heaven.  When you set that intention in place, you are calling on your spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones that have crossed over, and letting them know you have this planned.  I have found that in quite a large number of cases, the loved ones that have crossed over are the ones who have guided people to me in the first place. So, I would say they are well aware of your intention and desire to communicate with them.

“What signs do you look for to know if your child has psychic abilities, and how do you teach them to embrace it, versus being afraid or shutting it down?”  Freida Waugh.  A good question indeed.  First, we are all born with some degree of psychic abilities.  I call it our internal GPS.  That gut feeling, that knowing.  But there are some that are more psychic than others.  Key indicators that you are dealing with a child that is very psychic, or even psychic medium are sometimes the same types of signs that a child is an old soul.  A child that tells you a relative that has passed away before the child was born can be a sign, the child telling you they know the person, recognizes pictures of the person, or says this person comes to visit them.  Also, a child that is able to look at situations and very casually give an analysis or a solution to an issue that even an adult fails to see.  Most children do not even realize that they are seeing things (people that have crossed over) that others can’t see until they are told that the others around them don’t see what they see.  And along that same line, they don’t know to be afraid of it, unless that fear is shown to them, or taught to them in some form or fashion.  Children that grow up around people who embrace these things have it easier than children who have people telling them it’s wrong, or it’s a sin.  Then the fear factor comes in, and the shutting down.  Teaching them to meditate as young as possible is always a good thing.
“What is heaven like, is it clouds, sunshine? Do we really know what it’s like?” These questions have been asked many times and in many different ways.  The answer to this is very complex.  Is heaven in the clouds?  It is in the clouds, but it’s further away than that, and yet closer than that at the same time.  As children we all have probably thought of God and the angels sitting in the clouds.  We’ve all looked the clouds and seen different shapes of things, and at some point it has been a message for us.  There is the spirit realm that co-exists with us, but in a different dimension, if you will.  But there’s also the spiritual realm that’s out in the Universe and the heavens that’s out there beyond the clouds.   A statement that I was given one night while laying and contemplating, It’s everywhere and yet it’s nowhere, it’s beside us, and yet a million miles away.  We are given answers like this because in our human language there are not words to completely and totally describe it in its entirety.
“What age are people that are in heaven?” Lone Vinding Malast.  In the psychic readings and psychic medium readings that I have done for people, the loved ones come across as the age they were when the left this earth so that their family and friends will recognize them.  We have bodies on earth, and they show themselves in these bodies (suit of clothes) when communicating with me.  That’s merely to allow themselves to be recognized.  Also another element that is used is their personalities, their likes and dislikes.  The soul age is a different matter than the physical age that is on earth.  There are times when a person will feel as though a younger age of themselves would be more recognizable so they will come in that age.  But in heaven or the spirit realm we have no need for a physical body, that’s an earth thing.
“Nana said 3:33, 12:12, and 1:11 means an ancestor is with you.” Kathy Mallory.  This may well be the case.  I don’t argue over a person’s beliefs, because it is their truth, which is taught to them in their culture.  Different cultures mean there are different meanings to things.  I do know that seeing numbers in repetition also means there is a synchronicity that is happening.  Our relatives and ancestors do visit, and they do so more often than most people think.
And to finish off the edition of the blog, I give you an image of the word Believe.  “What signs do we look for?” as asked by Kellie Wilkins-Dorn.  Our loved ones give us many different kinds of signs.  They are able to manipulate energy, because we are energy.  Light bulbs flickering on and off, or burning out.  Causing a certain song to be played on the radio or tv.  They can make us feel a physical touch somewhere on our body.  Another one that they use frequently is our sense of smell.  You will smell a cologne, or cigarette smoke, or a particular type of tobacco that no one uses, except the loved one in heaven.  These are just a few of the signs that are used.  I encourage to you acknowledge your loved one’s presence.  By doing so they know you’re paying attention and will give you more.  Always remember, life doesn’t end with death on earth, it just means it’s beginning again in another dimension that we call heaven.  
If you’re interested in booking an appointment for a reading, whether that is a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading, you can contact me through email,, visit the website,  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. 
May 26

Death and a Holiday That Commemorate The Dead

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     Memorial Day Weekend, it’s another three day weekend.  What is this holiday all about?  Is it the beginning of beach weekends, pool openings, and the beginning of celebrating warm weather, the official start of barbecue season?  No, that is not what it’s all about, although those things are part of the weekend.  Let’s start with a little history given by Wikipedia:

     “Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.[1] The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the last Monday of May,[2] was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.[1] It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.
Annual Decoration Days for particular cemeteries are held on a Sunday in late spring or early summer in some rural areas of the American South, notably in the mountains. In cases involving a family graveyard where remote ancestors as well as those who were deceased more recently are buried, this may take on the character of an extended family reunion to which some people travel hundreds of miles. People gather on the designated day and put flowers on graves and renew contacts with kinfolk and others. There often is a religious service and a “dinner on the ground,” the traditional term for apotluck meal in which people used to spread the dishes out on sheets or tablecloths on the grass. It is believed that this practice began before the American Civil War and thus may reflect the real origin of the “memorial day” idea.[3]
     Now, with the history portion out of the way, what does Memorial Day mean in 2014?  It is still a day that we commemorate those who have given their lives for the liberties that we enjoy in the United States of America.  How these people came to lose their lives is not he issue, but it’s a hot button for some people.  No one joins the military to support war, they do that out of a sense of patriotism.  Patriotism that used to be a very altruistic reason.  For the love of our country, for the love of the American flag, pride in our country.  Something that has sorely been distorted and lost in recent years.  We should not lose the pride in our country because we have politicians that are crooked or cheating the system, or using the people.  This should make us upset and want to change things, but don’t hate the country because of the people that have been elected to run it.  What we need to do is change the people who are in office and that are making people unhappy and not following the will of the people.  It’s time for us to stand united again and change things that need to be changed.  
     With that said, let’s not forget that the real reason for this particular three day weekend, and holiday is to commemorate and send love and admiration for the people who lost their lives supporting this country, serving their country, being patriotic.  Connect with those loved ones, send them love.
  Intuitively, I’ve been shown that the reason these people did what they did and serve their country is because they loved the country and believed in what they were doing.  I’ve connected with many through the years of doing psychic medium readings, and often military will come through showing themselves in their dress uniform, and it is with pride that they show me that uniform.  It’s something that in their lifetime they were very proud of, and should be.  In other words, they did what they did for the right reasons.  And we should celebrate their lives for the right reasons as well.  None of us has to support war, but we should always support those willing to stand up for their beliefs and support our country.
   I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Love and Light to each of you.  If you’d like to connect with a loved one, set up a psychic medium reading, go to, or email

May 16

A Tribute To Mothers

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     Mother, noun

  1. 1.
    a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.
    synonyms: female parent, materfamiliasmatriarch
bring up (a child) with care and affection.
“the art of mothering.
     Mother, the woman in your life that gave birth to you, that gave you life, without whom you would not be here.  Everyone on earth has a mother, but I dare say that no everyone has a mom.  Some people do not realize or acknowledge that there is a difference in being a mother and being a mom.  You can be one without being the other.  Mother is the more formal name or word for the woman who gave birth.  Mom is less formal and seemingly more affectionate, also used is mommy, momma, maw.  The bond between a mother and child is like no other bond, whether that is a good bond or a bad one, there is nothing that comes close to it.  

   As a psychic medium, I have for years seen all kinds of relationships between mothers and their children.  The bond between the two starts from the moment the woman finds out that she is pregnant.  It has been said that a woman intuitively knows the moment of conception.  With this possibility, there is time between the two that not another can even come close to sharing.  While the closest thing to this bond can be that of the father and child, it is inherently different, and that’s a discussion for another day.  Maternal instincts are said to be so strong, that there are times when certain animals will take in strays from a completely different type of animal.  It can be seen where a dog that has just given birth to pups and there’s an abandoned piglet will be adopted by the mother dog knowing the need for love and tender care.  On the other end of the spectrum, some can give birth and be completely devoid of drop of maternal feelings.  This can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, or with a person who never wanted to be a mother in the first place.  When and where these things come in has left many wondering and perplexed.

     A child who is raised by a parent who has no maternal instincts, will undoubtedly be seeking that kind of attention and affection in other places.  There are so many issues on all sides of this and I’m going to try to address just a few.   When we come into this life, we come with a life plan, if you will.  The way I like to explain it is, we sit down with a guidance counselor (spirit guide) before we incarnate.  There are life lessons that must be learned.  There are mandatory classes (life lessons) and there are electives.  For example, patience is a mandatory life lesson and we get it over and over again not only each lifetime, but more than likely, each year of our life.  Let’s say an elective might be service to others.  It might be an elective in this lifetime, but it was a mandatory or a major lesson in another lifetime.  We travel in soul groups.  When someone says, will I meet my soul mate, I have to remind them sometimes that we really travel in groups, and so there is more than one.  That as a romantic component is yet again, something else.  While traveling in these soul groups, we make agreements who we are going to learn certain lessons with.  As you can imagine, choosing parents, and choosing certain lessons with those souls is and can be a big deal.  There is also the karmic element involved in these relationships as well.  We should always remember though that before we were born into the current lifetime, we made the agreements to experience the things that come up in  any given lifetime.  This is especially difficult to imagine when you look at things like, a child having cancer, or a parent passing when the child is very young.  Most of the difficult experiences, it’s hard to believe that anyone would knowingly choose to go through them.  The karmic piece is when there is something from a prior lifetime that was not “paid for” in that lifetime, and it must be taken care of in the current lifetime.  

     I’ve been asked over and over again, why would someone choose to …. or have an agreement for one to die by way of a drunk driver, or go through the experience of cancer, or some sort of abuse.  The answers that I’ve been given and the explanations as shown to me have to do with soul evolution.  With each experience comes lessons that help the soul advance to new levels of compassion, empathy, and deeper love.  In the years that I have been doing psychic and psychic medium work, I don’t believe I’ve ever been shown love that is deeper than a parent’s love.  With this kind of deep love, it can also be the deepest of all hurts that can be leveled against a person, knowingly or unknowingly.  There can be a situation where the child, even if that child is an adult, can feel very deep pain because they don’t feel loved by their parent.  A child always seeks the love, approval,  acceptance and admiration of their parents.  How it is sought and the impact is a very individual thing.  What can be very devastating to one person is not even a mark on another, but there is always an impact.

     Children area God’s gift to a woman.  However, not all women see them as gifts.  There are women who would give anything to have a child of their own, and equally, there are women who wish they had never had a child.  Make no mistake, there is a purpose in both, and life lessons for both sides of the equation.  There is no one right answer.  As tragic as it is for the many unloved and abused children, those things sometimes mold them into being people who will make changes in the world for future generations because of the experiences they had.  A child that lost his or her mother to cancer decides to grow up to be an oncologist to try to help find a cure for cancer because they don’t want another child to have to experience what they did.  Or a mother who lost a child to a drunk driver, become a part of the organization MADD to help with the awareness of drunk driving.  

     So, yes, there are children who have been born to mothers who are not the best mom, but remember the life lessons that the person doesn’t remember they chose right now.  I encourage you, if you are going through a difficult time, take time to pray and then meditate.  Ask to be shown what is the lesson I’m supposed to get from this difficult time.  Show me, so that I might learn the lesson and move on to the next one.  Let me learn the lesson so that I might love deeper and progress on my soul journey.  Allow me to be an example of something good to other mothers and children, that instead of causing pain, I give something that fills a heart with love, kindness and understanding.  

     Today, this is a tribute to mothers that we hope will all become “moms to their children” and be thought of lovingly.  If you know a mother that’s maybe not the best mom, instead of judging her harshly, give her a hug, you may be the one who makes a difference in her life, so she can begin to make that difference for her children.  Give that child, who has a mother, but not a mom, a little extra care and attention, so they can see, yes, there are people who care and love them, too.    If you have lost a loved one, and would like to connect with them, you’d like a psychic medium reading, visit my website,  Maybe you some insight into a life situation, a little guidance because you feel stuck and you’re no sure which way to turn, send an email to and you can find out how to set up an appointment for a reading.  Until next time, I send you love and light.
Mar 07

Meditation, The Answer to Your Prayers.

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     As we move into March and get closer to the spring and warm weather, I know everyone is looking forward it.  Most, if not, all of us are over the winter.  We seem to have been blasted really well with the snow, sleet and ice.  Now it’s time to melt not only the cold weather, but our hearts and listen for the answers we are seeking.

     Often I am asked, how can I get my own answers?  Or, how do I get in tune with my spirit guides?  The key to this is always meditation.  Many people attempt meditation, but then quit out of frustration and an inability to quiet the mind and listen to that internal guidance.  I understand this frustration and the throwing up of the hands.  I’m brought back to a time in early adult life when I was asked by a gentleman, one I had a great deal of admiration and respect for, “How do you know when God answers your prayers?”  This question was a little surprising to me, but it was also an eye-opener to me.  The thought immediately running through my head was, “What do you mean, how do you know when God answers your prayers?  I hear him just like I hear you.”  Then the voice in my head said, “Wow, God picked me!  I hear and see things other people don’t hear.”  Now, for some they consider it to be a curse, for me, I’ve always viewed it as a blessing.  Again, that feeling of “Wow, God picked me.”  But then further, what did God pick me for?  To get the answers to that question I knew I would have to listen closely.  
     There are those that can go into a meditation and journey without a moment of thought.  Then there are those who I will call, “wheel spinners”.  What is a wheel spinner?  My definition of that is a person that when they try go to that place of quiet, calm, and relaxation in order to listen for their guidance, or their answers, they immediately start thinking of all the things they need to do.  This list can range anywhere from buying groceries, fixing meals, doing laundry, going shopping for something they need for the home.  It’s the place in our mind where we’ve stored our to-do list.  In meditation we are not trying to access our to-do list, we are trying to access our spirit guides, and our higher-self, if you will.  
     First, I would like to say that prayer and meditation go hand in hand.  One is useless without the other.  Prayer is the method by which we let our needs and desires be known.  We are asking or requesting, that can be for something material, something emotional, an answer that seems to elude us, a need for a loved one to be healed, guidance on how to proceed in a desired goal.  The list can go on and on, it’s endless the things that we pray for.  But make no mistake about it, prayer is just as essential as meditation.  For without making the request, or asking the questions there is no need for answers.  The answers come through the meditation.  
     So, now we proceed with going into a meditation.  Our environment for meditation is just as important.  You wouldn’t or shouldn’t meditate in a car while driving, or in a subway while riding the train.  These are examples of places that you need to be completely aware of what’s going on around you at any given time.  Though there have been times in everyone’s life when they have ended up in a place, and couldn’t remember how the trip.  My opinion is that you should have a place to meditate that is calm and serene, you feel totally comfortable.  When getting ready to meditate I like to light a few candle,  and burn some incense.  It adds to the peacefulness of what I’m about to do.  This is totally up to each individual.  If you are a person who i s a wheel spinner, I’m sure you can understand why you wouldn’t do a meditation in the middle of a coffee shop.
     Now to decide can I listen to metaphysical or new age music and get to where I want to go.  When a person meditates they are attempting to reach an alpha state in their mind.  This i s a state of your body, more or less, being asleep, and your mind is fully awake and aware.  After doing meditation for a period of time, you might actually feel the vibration in your body.  Some people hear their answers, and some actually see images, similar to having a dream, but in a completely awake and aware state of mind.  This is the type of meditation that everyone seeks to have.  If you don’t get there on your first attempt, do not be discouraged.  It sometimes take a “wheel-spinner” up to two weeks to get there.  Do not fret, because with continued practice even the biggest “wheel-spinner” can accomplish.  Normally what I suggest to people who have a hard time quieting their minds is to start with a guided meditation, whether that is in a group setting, or by purchasing a CD that has a guided meditation on it.  Usually, you can get a CD like that for less than $20.  There are many guided meditations on the market.  Some of the people who have made guided meditations are James Van Praagh, Dr. Brian Weiss, John Edward, and that’s just to name a few.  I have had great experiences with Dr. Weiss’s CDs.  His are the ones that I recommend most often to my friends and clients.  You will find that once you have mastered the guided meditation, which basically guides you through the steps of relaxation, and journeying in your meditation, then you can move onto an instrumental piece to work with.  The reason the guided meditation works so well, is because instead of going right to your to-do place, you go to that alpha state by focusing on the guide’s instructions.  
   When you get to the point where you wish to use instrumental pieces, then you will find pieces like Anugama’s Shamanic Dreams II to be very nice to work with.  There are so many, and you need only do a little practice to find the pieces that you resonate with.  I suggest that you try several different artists before settling on the one that works best for you.  Enya, Enigma, Steven Halpern all have very nice pieces that have helped a great many people.  Find what works the best for you and use it.  
     As you meditate your answers can come to you through hearing what is being said to you, or even having psychic visions.  The more practice your meditation the better you will become at it.  As with anything, practice, practice, practice.  
     Remember, pray and make your requests, and then meditate to get your answers.  When you have reached a place of true connection, you know when the answers come you can trust them.  When you start trusting them and following that guidance you get more and more guidance and it be more and more clear.
    It is my hope that you find the answers you are seeking and that continued reading and following of this blog helps you find the love and light you are looking for.  Until we blog again, keep reaching for the stars and searching for your answers.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and look me up on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  You can visit me at  
Jan 25

Opening Your Own Intuitive Abilities/Programming Your Internal GPS

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     The vast majority of the country is experiencing the effects of the “Polar Vortex”.  It’s cold outside, but today we are gong to talk about something that’s sure to warm your insides.  I’ve been asked more times than I can count, are people born with psychic abilities, or is it a learned trait.  The answer is yes, to a degree both.  And the follow up to that question would undoubtedly be, how can it be yes to both? Today I’m going to try explain how it can be yes to both.

     First, my belief is that when God said that he made man in his own image, he didn’t mean that we looked like him, two arms, a head, two legs, two ears and a mouth.  He meant that when he said, “Let there be light, and there was light, ” that we have that ability.  More people reject this idea because it is easier to blame someone or something else for what happens in our lives, than to take responsibility for it.  We are all born with what I call an Internal GPS.  In order for it to work for us, all we need to do is become “in tune” with it.  Let’s think for a minute how a GPS works, once you program it to where you want to go, it will give you directions, and if you get off route it will let you know that you’ve missed a turn, it will then reroute and give you alternative directions.  Our GPS works in much the same way.  More often than not, though most ignore the directions, after it lest us know we’ve missed a turn, it will give you a sign, and after you have ignored it enough times it will just go silent.  When we listen to those directions, it gets louder and louder, thus giving you more and more information.  
     An example of how the guidance works, you are driving down the road, getting ready to get on the highway, but you hear this little voice that says, no, don’t get on the highway, it’s backed up.  You ignore that and get on the highway, only to find out that the highway is indeed backed up.  Frustration comes and you say, I wish I’d listened to that little voice.  Another good example, is the sun is shining and the weatherman says there’s only a ten percent chance of rain.  No real need to take the umbrella with you.  Your GPS says differently, it will come up sudden, and it will be a torrential downpour, this time you listen and take the umbrella.  And the rain comes, you feel so glad that you listened to that guidance.  
     Each of us has a team that works for and with us.  Our team consists of spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones that have crossed over.  When we don’t listen to the guidance, they just question and say, why bother, he/she is not listening any way.  The times when you listen, they do a little happy dance and say, “Hey, she’s listening, let’s tell her more.”  And it gets more frequent and louder.  How you are listening and hearing that guidance is your own intuitive abilities that we are given at birth.  If the intuitive gifts have been turned off due to not listening, then one must relearn how to use them, to become in tune with them so that it work towards your highest and best good.  
     How do you open your psychic or intuitive abilities and program your GPS?  One of the biggest keys to doing this is learning to meditate.  Meditation sounds easy, but in reality for a lot of people it is difficult.  We live in a world where most of us operate on sensory overload, therefore shutting down and tuning in to that quiet place in our mind is very difficult, if not impossible.  One of the best ways to be able to accomplish this is through the use of a guided meditation.  Many psychics have produced guided meditation, as well others.  A very good guided meditation that I often recommend to people is one by Dr. Brian Weiss called Mirrors In Time.  But like authors and books, not everyone will resonate.  If one doesn’t work for you, try another one until you find that works.  Don’t give up on the first try though, give it at least five days of good effort.  Then you can try another.    Getting to that quiet place in your mind is important so you will be able to listen to that guidance.  Learning to listen and trust the guidance is key to unlocking your intuitive/psychic gifts.
     Once you have mastered meditation, you can start asking or focusing on a question or an area of your life that you need guidance in.  I always suggest that you start small, so you can learn to trust the guidance.  I am conducting a workshop on February 22nd in Fredericksburg, Virginia to teach people how to Open their Own Psychic Abilities, and Programming Their Own GPS.  Pre-registration in required for participation in the workshop, and limited to 20 guests.  We will be doing meditations, sending and receiving messages, psychometry, and energy imprints.  To register go to, and get in touch with me.  
     I hope this blog has warmed you up to your psychic gifts and how to use your GPS.  It doesn’t do much to get rid of the Polar Vortex, but it’s a good distraction at least.  I send you love and light and look forward to the next time we blog.
Jan 14

Eternal Life, Reincarnation and Past Lives

By heaven | The Psychic Blog

     Welcome to 2014!  This year has so many great things to behold.  As we look forward to this new year ahead of us, I’ve been asked to look backwards and talk a bit about past lives, reincarnation and eternal life.  Let me start off by saying, in no way do I claim to an expert on this subject.  Really, I believe I’m in the infant stages of learning about it all.  As many of you are, I’m hungry for knowledge on the subject.    I believe that when we seek knowledge about these things our best friend can be reading.  Choose as many authors as you can, read as much as you can, take hold of what resonates with you and throw the rest back.

     My firm belief is that Life on Earth, is “school”.  We are here to learn lessons, repay karmic lessons, and experience as much as we possibly can.  This has been my take on the subject for a long while now.  First, I believe very strongly that we do have eternal life.  The eternal life that is referenced in the Bible along with other books on the subject.  Part of the way we have eternal life is that we incarnate on earth, and we live through a lifetime, we finish that lifetime and we then “die” or “passover” into the spirit/heavenly realm.  Birth here is death in that realm, and death here is birth into that one, hence we are eternal.  A quote that I read a long time ago really resonated with me on that subject, it was “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  It lends a great definition for what and who we really are.  To understand things we have to use terms or words that we can understand in this dimension.  And there are so many things that there are no words to make us fully understand the other dimensions and realms that exist.  Many of you have probably heard of the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records are the records for each soul and being and their lifetimes, their experiences, their karma.  It could also be called the The Book of Life, as it is referenced in the Bible.  
     A rather simplistic way that I’ve been shown how we do things in the spirit realm/heavenly dimension is that when we are planning an earthly lifetime, if you will, we sit down with what I will call guidance counselors, or an elders to go over what lessons we want to learn in the up coming lifetime.  Just like in high school, there are mandatory lessons/classes, and there are electives.  Patience is a mandatory lesson in every lifetime, and it comes up multiple times.  Some of the lessons include tolerance, service, and humility.  This is just to name a few.  I’m sure everyone is aware that the way we learn patience is to put in a position of having to wait for something.  When that lesson comes up we have a tendency to say, “hey, wait, I already learned that lesson. Can you hurry up and give me what I want now?”  Obviously, we haven’t learned it as well as we may think we have.    How about tolerance, now this is one that can be learned in so many different ways.  You may come in being part of a group that hasn’t been given that tolerance, it can be done through race, sexual orientation, disability, economic level.  There’s no way I could possibly list all the ways that tolerance can come up in life lessons.  Service to others is another lesson.  You may learn it through having a child that has a disability, or a relative that gets a terminal illness, or by serving your country.  I believe you get the general idea here of how these things come up.  Just like school, if you don’t get the lesson, pass it so to speak, you are going to repeat it.
    When you have something that keeps coming up, and you can’t figure out why there is definitely a life lesson attached to it.  A good example of this is when a person keeps getting into abusive relationships.  Let’s say there’s a woman and she is with a guy who is an abuser, whether it’s verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or physical abuse, there are a multitude of lessons that can be involved here.  I actually had a client that was in an abusive relationship for a number of years.  After a big altercation where she was choked she ended the relationship.  She was moving along very nicely and had, in fact, met a man who was wonderful to her.  For Valentine’s he bought her an iPod and loaded it with love songs.  He treated like a true princess.  Shortly after Valentine’s Day she ended the relationship and went back to the abuser.  In her mind and part of her being she was associating being loved with being abused.  The new guy wasn’t abusing her, so therefore he couldn’t really love her.  This association could have started anywhere.  It could have been from the relationship her parents had, or the one she had with her parents, it could have even come from a past lifetime.  In any event, her lesson here was to learn that abuse does not equal love.  Until she could break that definition and association in her mind then she would continue to look for love in abusive relationships.    This is a primary reason that when we have something that is going wrong in our life we need to look closely at it and determine what the lesson is, learn it, and be able to move onto the next one, and to happier times.
     These types of lessons bring us up to “soul mates”.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people ask me about when they will meet their “soul mate”, or they think they have and it’s just not working out the way they want it to.  We do not have just one “soul mate”.  From everything I’ve been shown, and learned from others as well, is that we travel in soul groups.    In these soul groups we agree to learn certain lessons together.  Before we go to the romantic end of that, lets explore other parts of those soul agreements.  For instance, you have a drunk driver and he/she hits a car full of teenagers and kills them, or disables or maims them.  While the agreement is not in the forefront of the conscious mind, there was an agreement to go through this lesson or lessons for all involved.  There’s also the possibility of it being attached to a karmic repayment.  If in a past life you were an abuser, you may come into your next life being on the other side of the abuse.  If you were the abuser this time you may be the abused.  
     Another area of question is the fact that souls do not have a sex.  In any given lifetime we choose what sex we will be.  Also the relationships can change around in lifetimes.  You may be the mother in one lifetime, a brother or sister in another or a friend.  A husband and wife in one lifetime maybe nothing more than friends in another.  When there has been a very strong connection when you come into contact in the current lifetime you will feel a very strong magnetic pull toward each other.  That magnetic pull may draw you close, and it can be one sided.  It’s good to be mindful of that.  There are so many things that come into play, it would have been beneficial if we came with an instruction manuel.  But I guess that’s the whole point, to learn the lessons.  As our souls get older, we may remember, or it’s considered to be awakening.  It’s not a matter of finding out who we are, but remembering who we are.  
      There are many authors on this subject.  Dr. Brian Weiss is one I would consider an expert on the subject.  He has written many books on the subject, offers guided meditation, or self hypnosis  CDs, as well as conducting workshops on the matter.  His first book is Many Masters Many Lives.  A few of the others books are Through Time Into Healing, Same Soul Different Body, Love is Eternal.  A meditation CD that I recommend frequently to my clients is Mirrors In Time.   Ian Stephenson has written Life Before Life, and Children Who Remember Previous Lives.  I also enjoyed Tom Shroder’s book Old Souls.  If you are looking other books just do a search of past lives, reincarnation and the like, you will come up with an endless list.  Do your own research and enjoy the study.  Take what resonates with you and toss the rest back.  Most of all enter in with an open mind and heart.
     I’ve been asked that as a psychic medium am I able to see past lives for a person.  There are times when it will come up in a psychic reading, or a psychic medium reading.  When it comes up it is because the knowledge gained from it can help you currently.  If you are really interested in searching out knowledge of your past lives, you can do a past life regression.  Doing a regression can be very beneficial in helping learn and remember who you really are.
     When we remember we are here to learn life lessons, repay karma, and experience as much as we possibly can it gives a whole new perspective on eternal life, past lives, and soul mates.  Let us all remember and realize that the biggest lesson of all that we are here to learn is Unconditional Love.  Until next time, I send you Universal Love and Light.