Answers About the Afterlife: Discussion Three, Questions About Death and Dying

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May 01
   We know that the way we think of dying isn’t really dying at all, it’s simply moving to another dimension, if you will.  The spirit plane, or the heavenly realm are two names I personally like to use.  Here on earth we consider it dying because we no longer have a body and are no longer able to see with our “eyes” the person who has “died”.  
  Our soul never dies. We are not humans with a soul, we are souls who are experiencing being human.  There’s a big difference.  Our consciousness is the spirit, or is the soul, and it goes on for ETERNITY. So, what is it that determines when  and how we “die”?  There are so many elements that go into this.  Before we are born, the way I like to explain it, (as it has been shown to me over and over again), we sit down with a “guidance counselor”, an elder,  our team of spirit guides, and we decide what are going to experience in this lifetime.  What are the life lessons we wish to learn? When we decide the lessons, we also make agreements with other souls to experience certain lessons with them.  This is  why we come in contact with some people and we feel a certain magnetism, or draw to that person.  It’s because recognize the soul, even if we don’t actually recognize the person.  It’s that feeling of, I’ve known you forever.  In reality, you have known them forever. We travel in soul groups and we change up the relationships we have the souls, depending on the lessons and the agreements we make prior to incarnating in any given lifetime.  As hard as it may be to imagine, we make choices to experience certain illnesses, or to have certain trauma come into our lives, so we have the experience of it, and see how we handle it.  It’s all about choices that we make and how we handle those things that show up.
  Don’t get weighted down with the idea that only thing we are here to do is learn lessons.  We also incarnate to enjoy life itself.  As you know though, deciding to enjoy it is a personal choice.  I know you’ve probably run across a person or two in your life who is perfectly happy being miserable.  They wouldn’t know how to behave if they didn’t have something to complain about.  That aside, we can as souls decide that we are going to be happy and really enjoy what we have been gifted with. 
 There are souls who are here for the primary purpose of helping other in reaching their goals and life lessons.  This is a reason why soul stays is to help another. Another factor in death and dying is opportunity. There are situations where a death can occur, but a spirit guide steps in and stops it because the souls has other things to accomplish while they are here. I can personally attest to this, because I’ve had a number of time when I’ve walked away from a situation that was surprising.  I will share one with you now just so you can get a feel for what I’m talking about. Back in 1993 I was in an automobile accident.  I was making a left turn out of a shopping center on a very busy local road.  After I looked both ways, I proceeded to make the turn, and a BIG concrete truck that I didn’t see came flying over the hill.  He hit my car in the front (driver’s side) quarter panel.  The car was brand new. We get the car off the road into the shopping center. A state trooper shows up to investigate the accident.  At the moment I wasn’t feeling any pain, was just sort of stunned.  Well, the driver of the concrete truck was pacing back and forth, and very nervous and upset.  He knew how bad the accident could have been.  The driver’s door, mine, was missed with less than twelve inches to spare.  Had he hit the door, I would not be here telling you this story.  Well, I could hear as the trooper was questioning him.  He kept saying, “Something turned the wheel of the truck.  Really, something turned the wheel of the truck. I don’t know what or who it was.”  He was probably coming too fast over the hill, but I was charged because he clearly had the right of way.  But that didn’t happen until after the trooper finished giving him field sobriety tests to be sure he wasn’t under the influence.  The poor guy was so shaken, I really felt bad for him.  Had the car not been brand new it would have been considered totaled by the insurance company.  There was 12,000 worth of damage to the car, and yes, my insurance company cancelled my insurance after the accident. Having experienced a few times in my life where there was Divine intervention, I wasn’t as shocked or as confused as the truck driver.  I knew by this point, I am well protected.  There was a knowing that God has some things planned for me that required me staying on earth for a while.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out here and intentionally put myself in harms way, but this is not by far the only thing I’ve ever been through that I might not have walked away from without those special protections.  
  Another thing that plays into our death and the timing of is is our own free will.  There have many people where the doctors say, oh, he has three months, she has two weeks; only to be proven wrong by the person who is just not ready yet. In the most dire of situations one can have a strong will to live and it override what is a possible out for them.  
People often ask about karma, or the reap what you sow factor.  There is some of that involved in our lives and we can’t minimize it’s effects on our lives. We should all try to live by the rule, do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  I’ve also been asked a number of time if a loved one felt pain during their death.  This is a troubling prospect for many. I’ve been told and shown that when death is imminent, that the spirit guide or loved one there to meet the person, brings them out before the pain can be felt. I’ve also been told they don’t feel fear or anxiety with it.  Sometimes people who have had a near death experience will feel pain when they return to the body, but not during the “death” portion of it. I hope that makes sense to you.  
  There are others who wish to know if death is dark and scary. Our beliefs can play a part in what we see when we first arrive on the spirit plane.  This is why we have soul family that meets us, to help us transition to Light.  Once a person transitions they no longer feel the pain of any illness or trauma that they have experienced.  They can, however, feel our sadness and grief.  Our loved ones can visit us in dreams, and they can make their presence known to us during our waking hours.  One thing I have seen over and over again that blocks this is the pain of the person grieving.  We never stop missing our loved ones, but we can allow our pain wall to recede so they can make the connection with us.  Grieving is a process, and it is a very individual thing.  I’ve dealt with people who missed a loved one after they were gone, but they knew that the soul was a very good place so they didn’t have a pain wall at all.  And I’ve seen the other end of the spectrum, where someone had died ten years before and it was as though it had just happened and the person’s pain wall was so high that I could physically feel it.
   I’d like to close this particular discussion with the fact that we are able to communicate with our loved one in spirit.  You can do so through a gifted psychic medium by having  a reading.  But also to let you know that you can communicate directly with your loved ones.  They can hear you when you speak aloud to them, as well as when you think of them. If you get a sign from a loved one, acknowledge it.  We have a tendency to logically explain away the signs they bring us.  If something happens, a song comes on the radio, you smell a certain scent, you see something that was special to a loved one and the first thought that pops into your head is of a specific loved one, just acknowledge that it is from them. When you do this, you will start to see more signs and feel their presence even more.  Remember, we don’t die, we just move to a new location.

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Terri Petz May 21, 2015

Pam, my daughter came to me at a time in my life when I needed saving, and then passed just after her 15th birthday. Almost like her job was done. Do you believe this was our soul contract, that we agreed to this prior to incarnating to this life? It is what I feel may be true, when I look at it from a spiritual place. If so, then she is waiting

Patience March 26, 2017

Stay with this guys, you’re heiplng a lot of people.

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